Why you need the best travel insurance when visiting Asia

Why you need the best travel insurance when visiting AsiaSo you have saved for your first trip to Thailand. Maybe it’s a short break for 2 weeks, or you don’t have a return ticket and you want to see how things go.

What I want to talk about is why you need the best travel insurance when visiting Asia.

Hospitals in Thailand are rough, if they are public hospitals, the look like some sort of throw backs to the 1940’s, with no air con, wrought iron beds, over crowding, and the level of skill is somewhat limited. Now there are private hospitals though but they cost big dollars.

Let me ask you this, if you have read my stories on the bodybagged Thai tourist,  or even the mini bus situation in the country, it poses a real risk that injury could occur in the land of smiles. Now lets for a basic example look at a small motorcycle or scooter crash, you take skin off and crack your head open. You need a hospital and you need it fast. If you have travel insurance, you will be able to go to the best hospitals available, have a private room, and get the most modern treatment.

Now no travel insurance will mean you will end up firstly in one of the public facilities, add to that the fact your care is not free because your a tourist. This means after the horrible experience of the public hospital system, you will still have a hefty bill to pay.

Why you need the best travel insurance when visiting AsiaOther situations I have seen here only too often, if people being in the hospitals, with such severe injuries they aren’t coherent, and the families are having to rush over to pay medical expenses and the massive fee’s to medvac you back to your home country.

Any of this sounding like fun? Travel insurance is cheap people!!

I pay for mine every 6 mths of traveling, and the most I pay is $200USD. I even used it recently, for a stay in hospital, which included Xrays, CT scans, and a few night in a private room in a private hospital. It was not a huge medical bill, only racking up to 38’000THB but my travel insurance covered everything, even followup outpatient appointments.

It’s simple, your in a different country, you don’t speak the language and dangers are around every turn, yes it may not happen to you, but it JUST MIGHT!!



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