Bad tattoos in Thailand

bad tattoo thailandWhen you’re coming to Thailand and have the intention on getting some ink thrown on your skin, it pays to do your research before you end up with one of these bad tattoos in Thailand.

Tattoo regulations do not exist in this country, and anyone with an Ebay account can get themselves setup with everything they need to open a shop. Aside from the obvious issues with this in terms of correct hygiene standards, there is also the problem with the tattooists ability, or lack there of.

If you are going to be prepared to be a guinea pig for a piece of art that is below par, then just walk into the first shop you find.

Otherwise, check their Facebook page for recent tattoos, ensure what you are looking at has actually been done by them and not just stolen from the internet.

I have seen some beginners, taking on projects that far exceed their abilities. If your going to start out, practice, but practice on small pieces and refine your skills. If you can’t do a perfect straight outline, work on it, don’t move on!!

Some shady examples that I have seen in Thailand. Issues can include extremely bad line work, different thicknesses, shapes that are not correct, no continuity, shading with no contrast and just downright ugly pieces.

bad tattoo thailandbad tattoo thailandbad tattoo thailandbad tattoo thailand


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