Around the world motorcycle adventure: Initial thoughts

BMW F800GS Well after spending 18 months in Thailand, and having ridden all through Thailand, Laos and up into China and Tibet, I am starting to get itchy feet.

In this time I have covered over 40’000km on two bikes, a Kawasaki Versys 650 and also a Ducati Hyperstrada.

Still on the todo list while living in Southeast Asia is to ride my Ducati into Cambodia but that will be later in the year, and also there’s a plane flight into Vietnam and a bike ride down it’s coast line from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City as a must do.

My current latest plan is to fly from Bangkok into Dehli, rent a Royal Enflield Bullet and then ride west to Manali, then ride Rohtang Pass and through to Leh in Kasmir.

leh manali highway royal enfieldThe average elevation of Leh-Manali highway is more than 4,000 m (13,000 feet) and its highest elevation is 5,328 m (17,480 ft) at Tanglang La mountain pass.

It is flanked by mountain ranges on both sides featuring some stunning sand and rock natural formations.

This Indian trip is planned over a 2 week period, but with current conflicts in the region there may be some route changes once we arrive in India.

So past that and looking forward into my future, I am starting to research the Americas, with the potential of an around the world motorcycle adventure, west to east coast, up through Canada, Alasaka then down into South America, Mexico, Peru, Columbia and further depending on bank account funds.

Taking on such a trip takes a lot of planning in my opinion, education and knowledge is power. Learn from those who have done the same thing.

klr650 touring Financially I am looking at flying into the USA and buying a bike there, 2nd hand and hopefully with everything or as close to as much of the stuff already onboard as I can.

The budget for the bike will be up to $8000USD which opens up quiet a few options.

The main bikes I am looking at will be either a Kawasaki KLR650, BMW F800GS or a Yamaha Super Tenere.

There’s fores and againsts for all these bikes. The KLR would be perfect if I am riding around the world solo, just me and my gear, but any decent long 2up riding I feel this bike would be a bit cramped for space.

Next along is the BMW F800GS, which is has some more power for the highway, weighs in slightly more than the KLR but is physically larger in size.

Truth be told this will probably be the choice for bikes as it allows for more options in riding.

super tenereThe Yamaha Super Tenere is the monster bike, awesome for 2 up, but very heavy, I feel this would be great if you were guaranteed to be riding black top for 99% of the ride, but dropping a Tenere, fully loaded with a pillion on a gravel road doesn’t sound like much fun, let alone picking the thing up.

I have priced all the bikes up on the internet in the USA, for my budget I could buy a new KLR650, a 3 year old BMW with maybe 6’000 miles on it, or a 5 year old Tenere with 20’000 plus miles on it.

Some of the key points for me: Weight, engine size that makes hours on straight roads less tiring, enough poke when loaded with gear, stability, able to tackle mild offroad riding and availability of parts.

2006 harley Ultra Classic Going a step further could take me into being a true USA road trip if I was to look at buying a Harley Davidson. Now with the budget above, you could buy a 2005-07 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic with maybe 20’000 miles on it, which is great, it ticks all the boxes aside from limiting any potential real offroading obviously.

To make matters more interesting, once finished on a journey, this bike could get exported from the USA back to Australia and sold for a reasonably decent profit, even after the cost of shipping, complience and GST has been taken into account.


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