Adventure riding in the rain

riding in the rain

Riding in the rain is one of those things that most motorcyclers will shy away from; if it looks like rain they will stay at home in their garage.

But when you’re an Adventure Motorcyclist, in another country and have to be at the next pit stop before the sun goes down, a bit or a lot of rain is something you have to deal with.

riding motorcycle in rainIn my last article I talked about luggage solutions to protect your gear from the elements of dust and rain, but what about yourself?

If you have yourself organised, riding in the rain can actually be enjoyable, this is all providing you have the right gear.

If you are riding along and it looks like a storm is coming after you, being able to pull over and quickly get your wet weather gear on over your normal riding gear is paramount.

Having a good rain coat and wet weather pants that fit easily over your jacket and boots is the key. Making sure your pants have zips at the bottom, to allow you to expand them to be able to get them on quickly without having to remove your boots.

Always ensure your rain coat has good PVC backing to make sure even after riding for a few hours in rain, you are still dry.

Another great feature to try and get is Velcro storm flaps that help keep the rain out while you’re moving through it fast.

Fox Racing MX Fluid Men's Off-Road/Dirt Bike Motorcycle JacketOther feature can include reflective elements on the arms and legs, and this is definitely not a bad idea considering you want to be seen by other motorists when it’s wet outside.

One last point for safety is always remember that your braking distance more than doubles when the road is wet, so keep alert and brake early.

Depending on the type of boots you are wearing, you might like to think about waterproof boot/shoe covers also.

Waterproof Springtime Summer Rainstorm Rainy Day Rainsuit Raingear Motorcycle Road Bike Cruiser Chopper Driving Biker Gear Boot Shoe Cover with Side Zipper Black These wet weather motorcycle boot covers will ensure you don’t end up with a motorcycle boot full of water at the end of the ride. They are made with a sturdy side zip & buckle closure for easy wearing and will tightly fit with elastic surrounding on the top.

They cover the entire boot with a twill design sole for non-slip. The reflective “Hi-Vis” tape helps to keep your visable with the other motorists on the road.  These will add to the protection, I can guarantee it’s not fun arriving at your destination and tipping 2 litres of water out of your boots, I experiences this on the way back from China.


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