Using your mobile phone GPS on an Adventure Motorcyle

Waterproof Bike Mount phoneIf you have been riding your motorcycle and using an old school GPS like a Garmin for example, then it’s time to make a change. With Google Maps at your fingers-tips, and the ability to set up your route and stops online and transfer to your phone, why not use your mobile phone as the GPS.

Well for me one fact was that using the GPS in my phone in Thailand really sucked my data usage, couple that with rain and high temps with my old GPS Mount which was water proof but made the phone hot.

The latest grip mount that are on the market are the Webetop Ram Mount ball and socket which clamp your phone.

Now the downside is they will not protect your phone from the elements like rain, but they will make seeing the screen and operating the touch functions much easier.

Some of them even feature a waterproof USB Charger, equipped with a 5V 2A USB charging port, quick speed and high efficiency charging so you never have to worry about cell phone/GPS short for battery when on a road trip or on rainy day.

Waterproof Bike Mount phoneSo being able to use your mobile phone GPS on the motorcycle, even if you use maps other than Google Maps, can be done super easily all in one unit.

Make sure you check out all the options available for RAM mounts, because you will be surprised what else they have on offer for your motorcycle.

A basic RAM mount kit that fits to your handle bars might be all you need.

Ram Mounts most popular mounting component for motorcycles, the U-Bolt base can attach to any handlebar with a diameter range from .5” to 1.25” using two different sizes of U-bolts and an optional composite U-Bolt spacer to protect your handlebar surface.

Nylock nuts are provided to tighten onto the threads of the U-Bolt without risk of coming loose and the included rubber caps are used to cover the rough edges of the U-Bolt threads.

gopro ram mountRam Mounts are also available as a mount directly to the cylindrical bore wall of your centre fork stem hole with the RAM® Fork Stem Mounting Base.

With a clean and low profile look, this base will look like it was meant for your bike.

Worth also noting is the ability to mount your Gopro Camera to the top of a Ram Mount using a kit like this one which I think are great.


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