Keeping hydrated while riding overland

camelbaksIf you have ever ridden in somewhere like Thailand, riding in the 40+ sun in all your riding gear kills you fast. You sweat from places you never knew you could sweat from.

For me I like the opportunity to stop every hour or so and hydrate with 500ml of water when I do, but for those of you who like to keep on the move, the Camelbak Hydration Pack is for you.

I do use one just like pictured here when I am going on really long hauls and I am not sure how often I will be stopping, this normally happens when you are riding in a group, whereas solo adventure riding allows you to stop for a rest and drink of water at your own leisure.

Camelbak have a new reservoir, it’s named CRUX – it’s the culmination of customer feedback, athlete advice and a whole lot of product testing! The big improvements that have been made to the reservoir are:

  • A larger gauge hose that allows 20% more water for every sip.
  • A more ergonomic handle
  • A larger fill port – it’s up to 88mm
  • A new cap with extra finger grip that folds out of the way while filling
  • A better integrated On/Off valve
  • A baffle through the reservoir helps the bladder to retain a lower profile shape

The fastest growing series in the Camelbak range. The Low Rider series is perfect for those who ride demanding trails and want the freedom of movement to ride as quick as they can!

The design centres around getting the water reservoir nice and low and using the hip strap to take a good chunk of the weight. This not only removes weight from your shoulders but lowers your centre of gravity in general and creates a nice and stable pack.

camelbak-flashfloThe original range of Camelbaks featuring longstanding models MULE, LOBO, ROGUE, CLASSIC, HYDROBAK and newcomer RATCHET. These are more conventional packs that utilise an upright reservoir with the weight supported off your shoulders. They’re perfect for most riders that want a lightweight pack they can grab and the hit the trails.

If the backpack design is not really convient for you, there is also the Camelbak Flashflo waist pack which offers comfortable and stable lumbar hydration. It features internal compression straps to keep the reservoir from sloshing around as your drain your water supply. With 1.5 liters of hydration, the Flashflo will keep you riding on the road or trail for many miles.

Use the center cinch belt to tighten the pack on the move—the padded air mesh back panel will keep things cool and comfortable even when it’s strapped on tight. The pack looks small, but it has enough room to carry a trail map, snacks, wallet, keys, and an ultra-light layer. Camelbak have also added front and back reflectivity for more visibility on the road or trail.

These great Camelbaks will keep you hydrated while riding no problems at all!

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