Adventure Motorcycle communications

For me, getting out on the motorcycle is therapy. I love being disconnected from the daily life, no interruptions, just you and your motorcycle and the noises of the road. I have had friends who over the years will religiously put their head phones in to listen to music while they ride, for me I don’t like the distractions for one, and for two the ear buds hurt my ears.

Communication with a pillion, well I have no problems with yelling a little, and really if it’s that important lets pull over and have a chat, because chatting while I am riding is the last thing I want to do. I want to be involved with the ride and the experience, not talking about what we’re going to eat when we get there.

But I know there are others who want to be able to make and receive phone calls, stream their favourite tunes and talk to their pillion all while riding, and for that Sena is the top name in the world for products to help make this a reality.


Sena 20S-02 Moto Bluetooth Comm System with Slim Speakers

Sena 20S-02 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System with Slim Speakers The 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System with Slim Speakers combines the best of the Sena 20S Headset with slimmer speakers for Adventure Motorcycle communications. The 20S Slim Speakers fit even better into helmets that provide smaller speaker pockets.

The 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System features slim speaker measurements are 32mm diameter, 7mm thickness, with an output of 20m Watts. The Sena 20S features a staggering 1.5 mile range, advanced Bluetooth 4.1 and a built-in FM radio tuner. Stay in contact by calling hands-free on your Bluetooth phone, rock out to your favorite riding jams in stereo or listen to voice instructions of GPS navigators by Bluetooth wirelessly, all the while having conversations in full duplex with a passenger or other riders. The 20S is a state-­of-­the-­art motorcycle and powersports Bluetooth communication system.

The The 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System provides a sleek and aerodynamic design that offers a versatile jog dial that maximizes the ease of use for riders. The Sena 20S features several industry firsts for the motorcycle Bluetooth communication headset market. Bluetooth 4.1 technology with dual Bluetooth communication modules increases the performance and reliability of the headset while also allowing for increased high definition audio quality.

The Sena 20S advanced Audio Multitasking allows for a seamless blend of incoming and outgoing audio to create a mixed audio experience versus the traditional interruption based audio technology of other Bluetooth devices.

The audio multitasking function creates the most close-to-natural audio sound while running multiple audio functions simultaneously and intelligently. With the 20S, users can call hands-free with their Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to stereo music or voice instructions of GPS navigation by Bluetooth wirelessly, and have intercom conversations in full duplex with a passenger or other riders. Prices start $269.10

Sena SMH5D-FM-01 Moto Bluetooth Headset with Built-in FM Tuner

Sena SMH5D-FM-01 Motorcycle and Scooter Bluetooth HeadsetThe Sena SMH5-FM Bluetooth Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner provides two-way intercom functionality that keeps you connected to your riding companion for conversations and music sharing with an integrated FM tuner that delivers crystal-clear FM radio reception.

The Jog Dial and large button on the SMH5-FM make for an intuitive user interface that’s easy to control while riding. Pushing the button lets you cycle through all device functions. With less fuss, you’ll be able to ride safer.

Bluetooth 3.0 technology delivers GPS directions and provides the capability to listen to and share music when paired with an MP3 player or smartphone. It’ll also let you make hands-free calls and participate in a one-to-one intercom conversation with a riding buddy up to 700 meters (760 yards) away.

The SMH5-FM delivers crystal-clear natural sound that gets an automatic boost in noisy environments, while Advanced Noise Control technology cuts down on background noise for both incoming and outgoing audio. The Bluetooth music playback control features play, pause, track forward, and track back functions, and each audio source has its own adjustable volume level.

You get up to seven hours of talk time and six days of stand-by on a single charge. All registered Sena owners get access to free firmware upgrades, which ensure your SMH5-FM is always operating with the latest software updates. Prices start $224.95

Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and IntercomSlim, Light, Easy to use Low profile, yet rich with high-performance features, the Sena SMH10R lets riders make hands-free phone calls, listen to music, get GPS directions, and have full-duplex intercom conversations with other riders in crystal-clear audio quality through the stereo Bluetooth headset.

Ultra slim and featherlight, it’s a particularly good choice for riders who want to concentrate on their riding technique and minimize fuss factor. Talk or share playlists with four-way intercom functionality Keep the chitchat going, share a playlist with up to four riding companions, or patch in a phone call that everyone can jump in on.

The Bluetooth 3.0 equipped Sena SMH10R does it all with crystal clear sound quality and proprietary noise-reduction technology at ranges of up to 900 meters (0.5 miles). Extra volume, less noise, and helpful voice prompts when you need them Audio levels get a boost in noisy environments while Advanced Noise Control technology cuts down on background noise for both incoming and outgoing audio.

Bluetooth music playback control features play, pause, track forward, and track back functions, and each audio source has its own adjustable volume level. Easy-to-follow voice prompts will get you started using your Sena SMH10R .

And if your pals don’t have Sena Bluetooth intercom gear, Sena’s Universal Intercom firmware makes the Sena SMH10R compatible with all other Bluetooth communications systems on the market. Best of all, it’s upgradeable for the life of your headset, which makes pairing and interoperability across brands a non-issue for as long as you own the Sena SMH10R .  Prices start from $164.25


Sena (GP10-01) Bluetooth Pack for GoPro

Sena GP10-01 Bluetooth Pack for GoPro The Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack for GoPro® is a specially designed adapter for the GoPro® Hero3 allowing for Bluetooth capabilities. With the use of Bluetooth headsets, the Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack allows users to add their voice to the video on-the-fly using Bluetooth Audio RecordingTM feature.

Being able to narrate the video during recording not only provides users a whole new experience but also reduces the need for follow-up audio editing allowing for in the moment audio experiences. It is designed to connect to both Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth products allowing users to pair their vocals with the video.

With Sena Bluetooth products, users may add not only their own voice but also audio from their companions through the use of the intercom to create a mixed audio experience. The unit is perfect for singe adventures or group adventures and helps enhance video creation by allowing voice recordings to narrate the video. Prices start from $99.00



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