Choosing the right adventure bike led lights

Motorcycle lights BMW GS Lights LED Lights
How many times have you misjudged your arrival time and been riding along watching the sun go down thinking I’m not going to make camp before it gets dark?

No matter what Adventure Motorcycle you are riding, from the factory motorcycle lights leave a lot to be desired, and that is why so many people are adding aftermarket LED Lights to their scooters or upgrading their factory headlight to HID.

There are plenty of kits on the market, but choosing the right one can be difficult so here are a couple of great long lasting adventure bike led lights to take a look at.

Motorcycle lights BMW GS Lights LED Lights

The Lylla one mode CREE LED fog/spotlight works in one mode, high beam only, which is quiet important depending on what country you are riding in. No need to switch the modes, no need to worry about breaking the traffic rules and facing fines from the police.

Lylla CREE lights are waterproof, dust-proof, rust-proof, anti-collision, anti-corruption, spot beam for extreme conditions. Extremely bright even in day light. They feature a long range focused beam allows you see far way or through the darkness. This kit is great as it also comes with a handle bar on/off switch to easily wire in.

Motorcycle lights BMW GS Lights LED Lights

More robust visually, the Nilight 18watt LED lights are tough. They feature 6 x 3W High Intensity LED bulbs, ensuring you will always have constant performance.

The LED power produces a flood beam at 1250 lumens. The bulbs have a working lifespan of over 30’000 hours and will work in temperatures from -40~85 degrees Celsius .

The biggest thing I personally love about LED motorycle lights is the pure white light they produce giving you a much better view of what is ahead.


motorcycle angel eyes spotlightAnother option can be to look at something like the these CREE U7 Angel Eyes spotlight kit, which can be purchased with different colout Angel Eye rings.

If you are not familiar with Angel Eyes, they are a small LED ring around the spotlight which adds a second element of illumination to the road.

Halos, Corona Rings, are referred to as Angel Eyes because of the distinctive arrangement of lights placed in a circular pattern) are automotive front lighting units with luminous rings inside the headlight assembly

alrider motorcycle lightsGetting auxiliary lights make a huge difference in low-light conditions but finding a proper mounting location can be frustrating. This kit replaces one mounting bolt on each side of your AltRider upper crash bars for easy installation of your auxiliary lights.

The innovative stacking bolts feature a hex head with an internal thread allowing you to mount auxiliary lights directly to the bolt. The internal thread accepts an M6 bolt and has a depth of 10mm.

I personally ride during the day with these lights on also, just as an added precaution to ensure all the crazy drivers on the road can see me adequately.

Some countries will limit riding during the day, Cambodia is one such country, where you need to black out or put a switch in even for your headlight. No light during the day in Cambodia or the police will be wanting to fine you extremely fast.

Whatever your choice from these options, always ensure you wire up the lights to a relay and use the appropriate fuses otherwise the install of new spotlights could end with your motorcycle being burnt to the ground.

motorcycle led spotlights


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