Loboo Thailand Expedition Dry Duffel bags keeps riding gear dry

I use the  Loboo Thailand Expedition Dry Duffel bags for all my around the world riding trips as they guarantee that my luggage will stay dry from monsoon rains and also clean from dust and dirt. The the Loboo Thailand Expedition Dry Duffel range of luggage is absolutely great!

I have personally used the Loboo 66 litre duffle bag on a recent long distance ride from Thailand to Shangri-La in China, which saw me riding through torrential rain and I was extremely impressed that nothing got wet. They deliver fast to Thailand through Amazon. The Loboo duffle is available in 90 litre bag also.

Loboo-Thailand-66L-Waterproof-Bag-Expedition-Dry-Duffel-Bag-Motorcycle-Luggage-For-Travel-Sports-CyclingHikingCampingLargeblack3These bags come with elastic straps for fast mounting to your motorcycle, the tops of the heavy-duty vinyl bags roll shut and the seams are radio frequency welded to keep your equipment dry and dust-free in the harshest of conditions.

If you are looking for added straps to mount the bags to your bike, Rok Straps are a perfect addition to take with you. 100% waterproof and they are easy to clean by simply wiping them off with a damp rag.

For traveling off the bike, also included is one shoulder strap, as well as two handles to allow for easy carrying options.

I went with the vibrant yellow bag to help it stand out on the bike as added safety while riding, but they are also available in both blue and black.

The downside of the black bags is that being a duffle bag, seeing into a dark black rubber based bag is very difficult to be able to see what you have packed at the bottom, whereas the yellow version does not have this issue.

The bags also feature an air vent at the bottom, to help you close them securely getting rid of any built up air due to the roll top design.

Loboo-Thailand--66L-Waterproof-Bag-Expedition-Dry-Duffel-Bag-Motorcycle-Luggage-For-Travel-Sports-CyclingHikingCampingLargeblack2I have found these bags also great for when you’re flying into a new country and renting a motorcycle to ride across that country on, you never know what will be available for you in terms of storage options on the bikes, so with the Loboo Expedition Dry Duffel bag you are guaranteed no issues or surprises.

These bags are catering to those who need to carry lots of stuff or who are going to be out for a long time. Get packed for your next adventure.


Verdict: The Loboo range of soft luggage bags, available in 40L, 66L and 90L are not over priced, they perform well in keeping water and dust off your luggage and tie down onto your bike extremely well.

If you wanting to buy one of the different sizes of duffel bag or side bags, you have a choice of colours, but my recommendation is to either go the yellow or the blue.



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