TOP 3 must have’s for your Adventure Motorcycle

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No matter if you’re riding a Ducati Multistrada, a BMW GS1200RS, KLR650 or a KTM, most of these bikes will all fall short on a few key items that will guarantee that your next adventure ride goes a bit more smoothly.

I have my top 3 items here that no matter what country or bike I ride, I must have these for my Adventure Motorcycle.

Kickstand Sidestand feet

AltRider D107-0-1101 Silver Side Stand Foot The Altrider Adventure side stand foot is a must as far as I am concerned. Nobody wants to park their bike up, kick out the stand then walk away to turn around and watch their motorcycle fall over.

This side stand foot is designed with a larger footprint to ensure a stable footing for your stand on the muddiest of soil.

Made from hefty 1/8 inch stainless steel this foot features a 3D tread that provides traction for your boots. It is the most ergonomic design on the market allowing easy deployment of the side stand while still on the bike.

The AltRider foot also clamps down on the actual foot of the side stand with Torx fasteners which means it will remain tight even after months of use. No more rattling or stripped fasteners. Available in silver or black.

Badass Moto Gear Motorcycle Kickstand Pad Harley Davidson, Victory, Yamaha, Honda, Triumph, BMW, KTM, Suzuki, Ducati, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi If you would prefer to carry your kick stand foot with you and only use when necessary, Badass Moto Gear make a Kickstand Pad that is a simple and uncomplicated. This is possibly the most valuable accessory you can get for your bike.

Whether you call it a Kickstand plate, pad, coaster or rest, to use this little stand is easy! Just rest your kickstand on the pad when you park your bike. Fits and works great for all styles of motorcycle from sport bikes & adventure bikes to cruisers from Harley Davidson, Victory, Yamaha, Honda, Triumph, BMW, KTM, Suzuki, Ducati, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and More.

One end is already pre-drilled and ready for you to attach a tether or string if you choose for even easier pick-up when you get back on your bike and are ready to ride. Cool bold design stands out for better visibility and drive away prevention.

Headlight Protection

AltRider Stainless Steel Mesh Headlight GuardProtecting your headlight from damage is extremely important, having a cracked lens can allow water and dust to accumulate and damage the bulbs.

A damaged headlight not only leaves you in the dark, it can mean replacing a highlight assembly that can be extremly expensive.

AltRider engineers found a creative but practical solution to mount the Headlight Guard bracket to the bike, fastening at the base of the windscreen and beneath the headlight assembly.

AltRider produces Stainless Steel Mesh Headlight Guard’s for most makes and models.  The Mesh Headlight Guard is constructed in the USA of 2 mm laser cut stainless steel and is designed to provide total coverage for the headlight assembly without interfering with light output.

The AltRider Guard mounts to four hard points with stainless fasteners, and the no-tools quick release system allows for easy removal of the face for cleaning. The Mesh Headlight Guard is available in a silver raw stainless brushed finish and in a powder-coated finish.


Radiator Guard Protection

AltRider Radiator GuardFollowing the protection theme, protecting your radiator from a puncture is in my book up there with importance. Having your front tire throw up a rock or stick which punctures your radiator can leave your stranaded somewhere you really don’t want to be.

AltRider produce Radiator Guard’s in a range of finishes to suit most models. Made from 1/16″ (1.6 mm) anodized aluminum the radiator guard prevents sticks and other dangers from puncturing the heart of the cooling system.

Specially designed louvers deflect errant debris while simultaneously directing airflow through the radiator to keep the water engine cool. The AltRider radiator guard is spaced a minimum 1/2″ from the radiator face to further enable airflow.

The AltRider guard is the only design on the market to mount using a robust 4 mounting tab to evenly distribute any impact forces. Installation is a breeze simply remove the three bolts holding the shroud in place insert the guard and reinstall the shroud.

There are no spacers to deal with or hardware to add and no need to remove the fairings. The perfect geometry of the guard exactly matches the contours of the shroud creating an exceptionally strong yet simple mount. Available in anodized silver or black.


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