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Enjoying the twistes of Phu Tubberk mountain in Phetchabun

One of the biggest drawcards for riding in Thailand is heading into Phetchabun province, approximately 5 hours northwest of Bangkok. If your deciding to ride from Bangkok north to Chiang Mai, heading up through this province is a must. Phu Thap Boek  also known as Phu Man Khao, is a 1,794 m high mountain in…

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What is adventure motorcycling in Thailand really like?

What is adventure motorcycling on Thai roads really like? The amount of farang’s I see coming to Thailand or anywhere in Southeast Asia looking for a 2 wheeled adventure holiday is staggering. With this in mind, many privately owned companies offering adventure motorcycling in Thailand have sprouted up, allowing you to live that dream. The…

Puthamonthom Park Nakon Pathom

Puthamonthom Park Nakon Pathom

Phutthamonthon park is over 50 years old and is spread over 2500 Rai. It has one of the tallest standing Buddha statue.  Another marble stone building just few meters away is the big marble viharn that has the entire Buddhist canon engraved in 1418 marble steles. Having a spare day and finding out my mate…

Harley Drag Party 3 Thailand 255

Harley Drag party 3 Thailand

This years Harley Drag Party 3 was held at and hosted by Thailand Circuit, in Ban Luang District not far from Nakon Pathom. In it’s 3rd year, this annual event caters primarily to the Harley brand with a mix of others thrown in for fun. The day saw soaring temps, which left everyone dripping in…

Ducati Hyperstrada Crash Thailand

Ducati motorcycle Crash in Thailand

Well in the last 12 mths, I have riden two different motorcycles, the Kawasaki Versys 650cc and the Ducati Hyperstrada 821cc. These two bikes have seen me rack up nearly 30’000km all over Thailand and Laos. I have seen a lot, in terms of stupidity I have seen it all. Bad drivers exist, and as…

Queen Sirikit Forest Garden located in Kaeng Som Maew Queen Sirikit national park

Queen Sirikit Forest Garden

Queen Sirikit Forest Garden located in Kaeng Som Maew Queen Sirikit national park is renowned for it’s collection of flora and fauna. Located approximately 85km from Ratchaburi city, inside you will find many trekking routes to explore the natural beauties of the forest park and flower gardens, as well as the ceramics store run by…

Khao Krajom Mountain Suan Pheung district Kawasaki Versys

So you want to buy a Big Bike in Thailand?

So you want to buy a Big Bike in Thailand? Having now gone through the process twice while I have been in Thailand I am going to reflect on some points that are extremely import to take into consideration when you are buying your big bike. Taking you back, I bought my first bike, a…

Thailand placed 2nd in world for road deaths; Why?

Thailand road deaths place it 2nd in world; Why?

After a recent story in the Bangkok Post relating to Thailand road deaths placing it the second highest in the world behind Libya, I wanted to expand upon the well written story with some personal insights from a farang in Thailand. I have lived in the Kingdom now for near on a year, and in that…

Vang Vieng river crossing Bridge Blue Lagoon

Vang Vieng on Versys Motorcycle Laos

Adventure riding in south east Asia is big business, with dedicated shops opening in Thailand to help accessorize your bike for your adventure of a life time on the roads. I have been living in Thailand for some time, and ride a 2012 Kawasaki Versys 650cc with a bunch of touring friendly accessories. Many trips…


Visa run to Vientiane Laos for Non-Immigrant ED Visa

So you have been staying in Thailand for some time, and your current Visa is about to expire after you have done a 30 day extension at Thai Immigration. What do you do now? You, like me, obviously want to stay in Thailand as you have made many new friends, and you haven’t finished exploring…