Samoeng Loop Chiang Mai

The Samoeng Loop Northern Thailand

The exciting Samoeng Loop is in Chiang Mai Province in northern Thailand. It is approximately 100 km round trip that starts and ends in the old city Chiang Mai. It’s winding road into the mountains northwest of Chiang Mai is extremely popular with both bicyclists and motorcyclists, with it stunning views, tight turns and great temperature….


Vintage Motorcycle Thailand 10th Anniversary Erawan

I was recently offered the opportunity to attend Thailand’s Vintage Motorcycle’s 10th Anniversary Event at Erawan Falls by my good friend Phee Pop. I was promised a ride with some classic bikes from Ban Pong out to Erawan Falls for Vintage Motorcycle Thailand and a good ‘party’. Now what happened was far more than promised!…

Kawasaki Versys Thailand

Experiencing Adventure riding in Thailand

After watching the likes of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman taking their motorcycle trips around the world in The Long Way Down and The Long Way Round, being a motorcycle enthusiast you cannot watch these shows and not be inspired by the allure of these awesome trips, so taking on the proposition of Adventure riding…

Thai Drivers License

Obtaining a Thai drivers Licence

Obtaining a Thai drivers Licence is something you will want to consider if you are planning on staying in Thailand for any length of time. Yes you can drive in Thailand on an International Drivers Permit (IDP) but if you go by the book, you can only do this for 3 months. Considering you may…

thailand motorcycle crash

The bodybagged temporary tourist in Thailand Part 1 – Scooter Crashes

So you hopped a plane and turned up directly into Phuket or Pattaya. It would seem logical to do what every other suicidal tourist does from every country around the world and race off and hire yourself a scooter to get around. Now if we look at tourists from Australia, they can legally use their…

big bike bangkok kawasaki Z800

Big Bike Rental Bangkok

So you have decided to travel to Thailand and want to ride a motorcycle here right? Wrong! The first thing you need to realise about Thailand is that large capacity engine bikes are never really seen on the road. Everyone rides scooters, whether it be a 50cc up to 125cc, and they do this for…