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Nattima from Thailand enjoys Thai traditional cooking

Nattima in Thailand owns and runs Wise Guy Pizzeria in Ban Pong Ratchaburi.  Her shop sells traditional wood fired pizza’s which she studied how to make from dough only two years ago. Her shop was featured on ThaiRath TV which gained a cult following. Nattima cooks authentic home style, with dough hand laid from scratch…

Harry Cross motorcycle crash Thailand

Harry Cross loses his leg in near fatal motorcycle crash in Thailand

Our friend Harry Cross has been traveling Southeast Asia for the last 5 months. In that time he has been living life, capturing the energy of every moment. Looking forward to the next adventure. Today on his way to extend his travel visa, Harry Cross was riding a Yamaha motorcycle near Kanchanaburi in Thailand, obeying…

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So you want to open a bar in Thailand?

When many of us visit Thailand, we are inundated with ideas and opportunities. We see bars, shops and restaurants abundant with customers all having a great time. It doesn’t take much time researching the propositions on the internet to realise what is good and what is bad. Opening a bar in Thailand or buying one…

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My top Adventure Motorcycling things to avoid

Think you need to buy the latest BMW GS with all the accessories – well you don’t Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need the latest ‘adventure bike’ to do Adventure Motorcycling, or to have an adventure; and you certainly don’t need loads of latest new gear. I follow people on Youtube that have ridden…

Vape E-cigarette on plane

Flying With Your Vape E-Cigarette in 2018

So you want to bring your vaping gear on an airplane but you’re worried that the TSA is going to taze you or confiscate your brand new SnowWolf mech mod and e-juice for flying with your vape. Fortunately the current anti-vaping hysteria hasn’t yet reached the point where we’re all going to have to smuggle…

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Top 5 travel scams in Thailand Bangkok

Before even going through the scams, the best advice to avoid these scams in Thailand is to avoid engaging strangers, in general Thai people are extremely decent and friendly, and when shown respect also display respect, but this is only relevent to where you are traveling. If you are spending your time in the high…

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Bad tattoos in Thailand

When you’re coming to Thailand and have the intention on getting some ink thrown on your skin, it pays to do your research before you end up with one of these bad tattoos in Thailand. Tattoo regulations do not exist in this country, and anyone with an Ebay account can get themselves setup with everything…


How can depression and travel be managed and co-exist?

So maybe you hit my blog because you want to travel to one of amazing places I have been to, or maybe you’re an adventure motorcyclist and want to rip down the roads I have put many kilometres on. Whatever the reason, you’re here; you’re my audience so I am going to address something that…


Domestic animal welfare falls short in Thailand

After a recent experience I took to Facebook to vent my absolute frustration at the behaviour of some nationals in this country in relation to ‘domestic pet’ ownership. My rant was this: “I am so fucking sick and tired of seeing a specific Thai person viciously abusing animals! Hitting a dog over the head repeatedly…