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Tattoo aftercare: Swelling after big tattoo?

You feeling like shit after your leg tattoo? Are your Feet and ankle swelling after big tattoo? Well the prognosis isn’t good from the pain side of things. So the million dollar question is have you recently had a calf tattoo, leg tattoo or foot tattoo and experienced your foot or ankle swelling up after…

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You know you’ve been living in Thailand too long when….

Living abroad can be a life changing experience, you leave behind all the things you hated about your life, and have the potential to re-invent yourself in ways you never thought possible.   You can absord a new culture, become someone you always wished you could be, make your friends back home jealous of you…

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Thailand Jeeps and Jeeping

There is a culture for Thailand Jeeps and Jeeping, though it does seem it is reserved for those who have a bit of coin to spend on vehicles no matter if your talking new Jeeps or a vintage classic. Looking back into Thailand’s history, there are huge numbers of Jeeps left over from the war,…

Why you need the best travel insurance when visiting Asia

Why you need the best travel insurance when visiting Asia

So you have saved for your first trip to Thailand. Maybe it’s a short break for 2 weeks, or you don’t have a return ticket and you want to see how things go. What I want to talk about is why you need the best travel insurance when visiting Asia. Hospitals in Thailand are rough,…

Thailand placed 2nd in world for road deaths; Why?

Thailand road deaths place it 2nd in world; Why?

After a recent story in the Bangkok Post relating to Thailand road deaths placing it the second highest in the world behind Libya, I wanted to expand upon the well written story with some personal insights from a farang in Thailand. I have lived in the Kingdom now for near on a year, and in that…

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Is there rising violence in Thailand?

Data from the University of Washington shows that Thailand has one the highest rate of gun-related deaths out of ten countries in Asia, reports Channel News Asia, confirming what many have suspected for some time: the Kingdom may just have a gun problem on its hands. Now the question begs is this only a gun issue or something more sinister…

Ban Pong Ratchaburi Farang's Renting a Condo in Thailand

Farang Renting a Condo in Thailand

Well if you have been following any of my adventures, you might have noticed I have a base camp. I decided on finding somewhere that was handy to highways to be able to get about on the motorbike, as well as somewhere quiet and out of the way from main tourist areas. I live in…

Kawasaki Versys Vee Rubber

Asia Adventure motorcycle tyre testing: VeeRubber Enduro

After riding many thousands of km on my Pirelli tyres, and with a trip across the boarder from Thailand to Laos coming up, I thought it would be a good time to look at replacing the tyres on the Kawasaki Versys with something with some more bite to it. Searching through the various Facebook groups…

Four Mexican Tourists Die In Minivan Crash in Phichit and 6 injured. Why does this recent news headline suprise me in the least? Doing a simple Google search for "tourist minivan crash Thailand" and you will see scores of images showing crashed minivan's, some with fatalities, all with injuries. Now I have caught a couple of these vans, and have now made a decision to never set foot in one again while in Thailand. Aside from the above graphic images, what would make me feel that unsafe being a passenger in a minivan in Thailand?

Tourist vans in Thailand a scary proposition – Do you dare ride in one?

Tourist vans in Thailand – Four Mexican tourists die in minivan crash in Phichit and 6 injured. Why does this recent news headline surprise me in the least? Doing a simple Google search for “tourist minivan crash Thailand” and you will see scores of images showing crashed minivan’s, some with fatalities, all with injuries. Now…

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Let me shove that selfie stick up your arse

Ok so it’s evolutionary, the way we travel compared with even 10 years ago has changed. Now we have the ability to live feed Facebook, Youtube and Instagram with where we are every second of every minute while on holidays. Now I will be the first to admit that a selfie stick in concept is…