feet swelling after tattoo

Feet and ankle swelling after leg tattoo?

You’re feeling like shit? Your Feet and ankle swelling after you just got your leg or foot tattoo? Well this isn’t so much a travel tip, as a general experience I have had while getting tattooed abroad. This is in no way a reflection on the tattooist in any way! So the million dollar question…

Cheap Tattoo Thailand Ban Pong Ratchaburi Province

Wanting to get a Tattoo in Thailand?

So you want to get Tattoo in Thailand while your here on holiday or teaching Egnlish in a school? Well there’s not a lot different to your home country, but the price variation and quality can be huge as I have personally found through some disappointment and also success. There is also the choice to…

Chevy Colorado Farang Thailand

Farang buying motorcycle or car in Thailand

Are you traveling to Thailand on a tourist visa and wanting to become a Farang buying motorcycle or car? Well lucky for you it can actually be done. Many will tell you that on a tourist visa that it is impossible for a farang to own a vehicle, and at best you could put it…

hotel safe crack

Using a hotel safe in Thailand

Obviously when you’re travelling, you will stay in a hotel which if it’s a half decent hotel it will have a hotel safe in your room which you can store your passport, laptop, phone, camera in or anything else of value. Now one thing to bear in mind with these safes is that they can…

bargirl gogo bar pattaya patpong

Sexpat in Thailand – NOT

Ok so why is it that as a single male, when you tell people you are venturing to Thailand that the first thing that enters people’s minds is the sex tourism and then suddenly your a Sexpat in Thailand. People automatically think firstly of the Gogo bars at Pattaya, the bar girls of Nana Plaza…