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Wise Guy Pizzeria open in Ban Pong Ratchaburi Thailand

Wise Guy Pizzeria opened their doors in September 2017 in Ban Pong Ratchaburi, promising to serve up a much needed alternative to the pizza game in Thailand. Wise Guy’s will be taking on the job of serving up traditional thin crust Italian woodfired pizza’s, Italian soda, calzone’s and spicy buffalo wings. The concept, money and…


Loboo Thailand Expedition Dry Duffel bags keeps riding gear dry

I use the  Loboo Thailand Expedition Dry Duffel bags for all my around the world riding trips as they guarantee that my luggage will stay dry from monsoon rains and also clean from dust and dirt. The the Loboo Thailand Expedition Dry Duffel range of luggage is absolutely great! I have personally used the Loboo…

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Top 5 travel scams in Thailand Bangkok

Before even going through the scams, the best advice to avoid these scams in Thailand is to avoid engaging strangers, in general Thai people are extremely decent and friendly, and when shown respect also display respect, but this is only relevent to where you are traveling. If you are spending your time in the high…


Domestic animal welfare falls short in Thailand

After a recent experience I took to Facebook to vent my absolute frustration at the behaviour of some nationals in this country in relation to ‘domestic pet’ ownership. My rant was this: “I am so fucking sick and tired of seeing a specific Thai person viciously abusing animals! Hitting a dog over the head repeatedly…

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Visarun Bangkok to Vientiane Laos with added French Cuisine

So you have been staying in Thailand for some time, and your current Visa is about to expire after you have done a 30 day extension at Thai Immigration. What do you do now? You, like me, obviously want to stay in Thailand as you have made many new friends, and you haven’t finished exploring…

What's on Ko Sichang Island in Thailand?

What’s on Ko Sichang Island in Thailand?

First off Ko Sichang Island in Thaland is a district of the province Chonburi, southeast of Bangkok. It consists of the island of Ko Sichang and its adjoining islands. The biggest thing you will notice when you jump on the ferry to head over to the island is the amount of shipping that happens in…

Soi Dog Foundation - Sponsor A Dog Today!

Soi Dog Foundation – Sponsor A Dog Today!

Soi Dog Foundation rescues and cares for thousands of dogs every year. You can help a special needs dog and your sponsorship will enable us to keep our promise to all the animals in our care of always providing a safe place to live and the necessary medical care they need and deserve. Soi Dog…

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You know you’ve been living in Thailand too long when….

Living abroad can be a life changing experience, you leave behind all the things you hated about your life, and have the potential to re-invent yourself in ways you never thought possible.   You can absord a new culture, become someone you always wished you could be, make your friends back home jealous of you…

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Thailand Jeeps and Jeeping

There is a culture for Thailand Jeeps and Jeeping, though it does seem it is reserved for those who have a bit of coin to spend on vehicles no matter if your talking new Jeeps or a vintage classic. Looking back into Thailand’s history, there are huge numbers of Jeeps left over from the war,…

Ducati Hyperstrada Crash Thailand

Ducati motorcycle Crash in Thailand

Well in the last 12 mths, I have riden two different motorcycles, the Kawasaki Versys 650cc and the Ducati Hyperstrada 821cc. These two bikes have seen me rack up nearly 30’000km all over Thailand and Laos. I have seen a lot, in terms of stupidity I have seen it all. Bad drivers exist, and as…