Vape E-cigarette on plane

Flying With Your Vape E-Cigarette in 2017

So you want to bring your vaping gear on an airplane but you’re worried that the TSA is going to taze you or confiscate your brand new SnowWolf mech mod and e-juice for flying with your vape. Fortunately the current anti-vaping hysteria hasn’t yet reached the point where we’re all going to have to smuggle…


How can depression and travel be managed and co-exist?

So maybe you hit my blog because you want to travel to one of amazing places I have been to, or maybe you’re an adventure motorcyclist and want to rip down the roads I have put many kilometres on. Whatever the reason, you’re here; you’re my audience so I am going to address something that…

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What is adventure motorcycling in Thailand really like?

What is adventure motorcycling on Thai roads really like? The amount of farang’s I see coming to Thailand or anywhere in Southeast Asia looking for a 2 wheeled adventure holiday is staggering. With this in mind, many privately owned companies offering adventure motorcycling in Thailand have sprouted up, allowing you to live that dream. The…

Why you need the best travel insurance when visiting Asia

Why you need the best travel insurance when visiting Asia

So you have saved for your first trip to Thailand. Maybe it’s a short break for 2 weeks, or you don’t have a return ticket and you want to see how things go. What I want to talk about is why you need the best travel insurance when visiting Asia. Hospitals in Thailand are rough,…

I woke up today thinking I want to go somewhere new, but most of my local Thailand bucket list was ticket off. Well so I had thought anyway. I decided to jump on the bike and head towards Ratchaburi and make a 'B' line for the mountains in behind it. With no real expectation I just rode and enjoyed the scenery. Well that was until I saw a sign for the Khao Bin Cave, I didn't know the name and was quite sure I hadn't been there previously. As it turned out I hadn't been there and WOW just really sums up this place. Khao Bin Cave is located 20km from the Ratchaburi city, approximately 85km from Bangkok along the road to Chom Bueng. You turn off the main road and travel along a 2km along an access road, be wary on this road as sections will be at a crawl as it is littered with monkey's. I parked the bike in the carpark and walked towards the entrance of the cave, and was ushered back down the path to a ticket window. Now if you have followed my posts, you will know I have a Thai drivers licence. This comes in handy sometimes and this is one of those times. Farangs pay 200THB to go into the cave, but with me speaking Thai and having a Thai licence I am essentially a Thai in their eyes so I got in for the princely sum of 20THB. Now to suggest that Khao Bin Cave is just another cave is an understatement. You walk down some small tight tiled stairs into the first cavern, if you have even the slightest hint of claustrophobia this may not be the place to go. Once you enter the main cavern, you will notice that the humidity is horrible, you will be dripping in sweat within minutes of exploring. There are no holes in the ceiling letting light in, no ventilation aside from the occasional electric pedestal fan. The moisture on the ground, walls and stalactites (stones hanging from the ceiling caused by water dripping over limestone for many years) gives it a very damp and dank feel. All of that aside, the cave, which extends a massive 300mtrs from the main mouth offer some truly amazing sights and experiences. If your game to explore all the pathways, you will almost find yourself crawling through small spaces into more caverns that seem to go on forever. It is a beautiful cave and it extends 300m from the mouth and offers truly amazing scenes of plentiful stalactite and stalagmite formations. Warning: The air inside is quite heavy and humid, by the end of the walk (approximately 45minutes) I was out of breath, dripping in sweat and eager to exit.

Sucking up the humidity at Khao Bin Cave

I woke up today thinking I want to go somewhere new on the bike, but most of my local Thailand bucket list was ticket off. Well so I had thought anyway. I decided to jump on the bike and head towards Ratchaburi and make a ‘B’ line for the mountains in behind it. With no…

Traditional Thai Bamboo Tattoo

Traditional Bamboo Tattoo in Thailand

For me part of coming to Thailand was the opportunity to get further tattoo’s. Ever since I started planning my trip to Thailand, high on the list of objectives was to get at least one Traditional Bamboo Tattoo. I am very interested in the culture, and the opportunity to get a tattoo that actually has…

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Taxis Tuk Tuks Songthaew Scooters and Trains

Getting around any new country can be half the adventure. Planning for the unexpected is something worth considering, but more so considering never getting anywhere in much of a hurry is sometimes the better approach. Thailand is a vast urban sprawl, and getting about can be done on some many forms of transport. Depending where…

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Thailand travel safety TOP 10 Tips

Thailand is a safe nation in which to travel.  Physical attacks and other crimes against the person are far less likely than in many other developed nations. The old adage of what’s common sense to one person isn’t to another, can be cleared up with some simple advice. Staying on point with your safety when…

Thai Visa farang

Aussie Travel Visa for Thailand

Now if you traveling to Thailand from Australia the duration of your stay is what is going to dictate how you organise a Visa. Let say your just coming for a quick holiday away from reality, up to 1 month stay so you can get back to your boring life, shitty routine and crappy job….

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Thai language basics will go a long way

Thai basics make a huge difference. How nice is it when someone genuinely says hello to you? Feels good right? So why not extend that respect to people in Thailand by learning to say hello before you arrive. By learning simple Thai language basics, you can make even the hardest of situations lighter, easier and…