Thailand monkeys

Let’s feed the cute Thai monkeys

Feeding the Thai monkeys without them feeding on you. As you get away from the bustle of the capital city, you will start to see monkeys in their natural environment. You can witness them on various islands (ironically Monkey Island or Monkey beach are hotspots), hiking trails, resorts close to the ocean, even in some…

Frogs legs Thailand

Eating frogs legs in Thailand

Should I really eat frogs legs and what do they taste like? One thing I can say for certain is don’t believe any Thai person that tells you they taste like chicken. It’s utter bullshit. Yes ok cooked frogs legs are a white meat, and yes they look like a drumstick, but that’s about all…

feet swelling after tattoo

Feet and ankle swelling after leg tattoo?

You’re feeling like shit? Your Feet and ankle swelling after you just got your leg or foot tattoo? Well this isn’t so much a travel tip, as a general experience I have had while getting tattooed abroad. This is in no way a reflection on the tattooist in any way! So the million dollar question…

Cheap Tattoo Thailand Ban Pong Ratchaburi Province

Wanting to get a Tattoo in Thailand?

So you want to get Tattoo in Thailand while your here on holiday or teaching Egnlish in a school? Well there’s not a lot different to your home country, but the price variation and quality can be huge as I have personally found through some disappointment and also success. There is also the choice to…


Phuket wet season – What to do?

So you have decided to descend upon Phuket in Thailand during the wet season. Phuket wet season – Why wouldn’t you, everything is cheaper, from accommodation, scooter hire and day trips. But trust me, when it rains it pours and keeps coming during the monsoon season in Thailand. So what do you do? First things…

Chevy Colorado Farang Thailand

Farang buying motorcycle or car in Thailand

Are you traveling to Thailand on a tourist visa and wanting to become a Farang buying motorcycle or car? Well lucky for you it can actually be done. Many will tell you that on a tourist visa that it is impossible for a farang to own a vehicle, and at best you could put it…

Khaosan Road

Khaosan Road Bangkok

Even visiting Khaosan Road Bangkok after a rainy afternoon still shows you just how popular the area is with the tourists. The locals defiantly know this, taking every opportunity to tout their items for sale. This area, with all its bars, tattoo shops, teeshirt shops and general cheap gear is still quite expensive in the…

big bike bangkok kawasaki Z800

Big Bike Rental Bangkok

So you have decided to travel to Thailand and want to ride a motorcycle here right? Wrong! The first thing you need to realise about Thailand is that large capacity engine bikes are never really seen on the road. Everyone rides scooters, whether it be a 50cc up to 125cc, and they do this for…

hotel safe crack

Using a hotel safe in Thailand

Obviously when you’re travelling, you will stay in a hotel which if it’s a half decent hotel it will have a hotel safe in your room which you can store your passport, laptop, phone, camera in or anything else of value. Now one thing to bear in mind with these safes is that they can…

pack light thailand

First time to Thailand? What to pack?

First time to Thailand? What to pack? In my opinion pack as little as possible. Whatever you currently have packed, halve it right now. Considering the climate you’re heading to, having 3 pairs of jeans is nothing but over kill. If you’re staying in a hotel, most of the decent ones supply some form of…