bargirl gogo bar pattaya patpong

Sexpat in Thailand – NOT

Ok so why is it that as a single male, when you tell people you are venturing to Thailand that the first thing that enters people’s minds is the sex tourism and then suddenly your a Sexpat in Thailand. People automatically think firstly of the Gogo bars at Pattaya, the bar girls of Nana Plaza…

vodafone red sim

Communicating while in Thailand

So you want to keep connected right? Well most hotels that you will be looking at will have free WIFI, the connection speed and even signals will vary from place to place between great and useless, you sneeze and the signal drops. With this in mind, having a mobile plan that can allow you to…

pacsafe thailand

Simple luggage tips from PacSafe

After telling a friend that I was going to Thailand, she suggested a great product to get, called Pacsafe, basically they make safe travel bags. They boast a heap of anti-theft features like, exomesh slashguard, slashguard straps, RFID pockets, dual release security buckles, puncture proof zips and turn and lock secrity hooks. All these things…

Line app

Connecting with friends in Thailand with 12CALL

Ok so you have taken your smart phone with you, you have Facebook, can SMS or use Skype right? Ok, well theres another APP available that seems quite popular in Thailand called LINE. Download it for free from the Google playstore. Simply register on the app, and goto the setting and assign yourself a username….


Extended accomodation for cheap in Thailand

Want to live like a local? Well given my outlook for my holiday/trip was to absorb the culture in Thailand, I organised an initial stay in a hotel at Best Western Sukhumvit 12 Bangkok Hotel & Suites for 5 nights, but this would get quite expensive after that, so I started to look on AirBNB…


Planning and research

So I’m leaving, now what? Do you know people that have been where you’re going? Have you got contacts? Is this on your own? Well for me I knew a few people that have traveled to Thailand, so having a chat with them started the juices flowing in what opportunities I could be in for….


Making decission to leave

So what do you do when life’s throws you a curve ball at aged 40 as an Aussie guy with no ties? What do you do when you have a good job, nice house, and all the creature comforts you could want? Well when people affect your life and your left holding the ball and…