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My top Adventure Motorcycling things to avoid

Think you need to buy the latest BMW GS with all the accessories – well you don’t Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need the latest ‘adventure bike’ to do Adventure Motorcycling, or to have an adventure; and you certainly don’t need loads of latest new gear. I follow people on Youtube that have ridden…

riding in the rain

Adventure riding in the rain

Riding in the rain is one of those things that most motorcyclers will shy away from; if it looks like rain they will stay at home in their garage. But when you’re an Adventure Motorcyclist, in another country and have to be at the next pit stop before the sun goes down, a bit or…

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Using your mobile phone GPS on an Adventure Motorcyle

If you have been riding your motorcycle and using an old school GPS like a Garmin for example, then it’s time to make a change. With Google Maps at your fingers-tips, and the ability to set up your route and stops online and transfer to your phone, why not use your mobile phone as the…

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What makes you an Adventure Motorcyclist?

Well this is a pretty general question, and recently much discussion was had on a couple of Facebook groups with people trying to define it. You have your purists that say you need to have the latest top end Adventure BMW and ride around the world, then there are the other who disagree. I will…

Adventure riding Ducati Hyperstrada

Some of the gear and use Adventure Motorcycling and why

Everyones comfort level for adventure riding around the world is different. What you take can depend on the area your going, the seasons, and the level of comfort you want. One of my recent adventures was nearly 6000km from near Bangkok in Thailand, across Laos and into China with a final destination in the mountains…


Around the world motorcycle adventure: Initial thoughts

Well after spending 18 months in Thailand, and having ridden all through Thailand, Laos and up into China and Tibet, I am starting to get itchy feet. In this time I have covered over 40’000km on two bikes, a Kawasaki Versys 650 and also a Ducati Hyperstrada. Still on the todo list while living in…

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Rider comparision Hyperstrada 821 vs Monster 796

I recently had the opportunity to go for a ride with my mate Matthew from Bangkok, a fellow Aussie Expat, out through Kanchanaburi to take the opportunity to compare the two bikes. We swapped seats throughout the ride and this is what we found. So now we have a real Ducati Hyperstrada 821 vs Ducati…