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You know you’ve been living in Thailand too long when….

Living abroad can be a life changing experience, you leave behind all the things you hated about your life, and have the potential to re-invent yourself in ways you never thought possible.   You can absord a new culture, become someone you always wished you could be, make your friends back home jealous of you…

Four Mexican Tourists Die In Minivan Crash in Phichit and 6 injured. Why does this recent news headline suprise me in the least? Doing a simple Google search for "tourist minivan crash Thailand" and you will see scores of images showing crashed minivan's, some with fatalities, all with injuries. Now I have caught a couple of these vans, and have now made a decision to never set foot in one again while in Thailand. Aside from the above graphic images, what would make me feel that unsafe being a passenger in a minivan in Thailand?

Tourist vans in Thailand a scary proposition – Do you dare ride in one?

Tourist vans in Thailand – Four Mexican tourists die in minivan crash in Phichit and 6 injured. Why does this recent news headline surprise me in the least? Doing a simple Google search for “tourist minivan crash Thailand” and you will see scores of images showing crashed minivan’s, some with fatalities, all with injuries. Now…

Snorkeling Phuket Phi Phi Island James Bond Island Monkey Island

Snorkeling in Thailand, is it really worth the trouble?

Should you spend your cash on heading out on one of the private adventures you see being sold on every street corner in Phuket? Well I say a resounding yes! Now if your an avid scuba diver or snorkeler, then one of these trips is definitely not for you. Draw the comparison with the Australian…

pattaya new years 2016

Pattaya Walking Street New Years Hot Spots

Well the countdown is on for New Years 2016, and you have landed yourself in Pattaya, Thailand. What can you expect from New Years eve in Walking Street Pattaya? The Tourism Authority of Thailand Hospitality invite “Pattaya Countdown 2016” throughout Pattaya, but encourage attendance at the boat docks . (Cape Bari Hai ) South Pattaya,…

Traditional Thai Bamboo Tattoo

Traditional Bamboo Tattoo in Thailand

For me part of coming to Thailand was the opportunity to get further tattoo’s. Ever since I started planning my trip to Thailand, high on the list of objectives was to get at least one Traditional Bamboo Tattoo. I am very interested in the culture, and the opportunity to get a tattoo that actually has…

Bangkok Thailand Scooters

How to not get killed on busy streets in Thailand

When you look at the population of Bangkok 6.355 million, you start to understand how dangerous the simple task of getting around on foot can be on the busy streets in Thailand. The suggestions I am going to present here, apply all throughout Thailand, so don’t feel that just because you’re in a smaller tourist…

Thai squat Toilet

Thailand toilet etiquette

Taking a shit in Thailand is different to western toilet so check out some Thailand toilet etiquette. Simple really, but it’s mystery is how Thai people can do their duty, use the water spray to clean up (with no toilet paper or towels) and then exit the facilities without water running down their legs or…

asiatique Bangkok

Asiatique Riverfront Markets

Located at Bang Kho Laem in Bangkok, Asiatique has combined two of the most popular experiences in Thailand, a night market and a shopping mall. Located 10 minutes downriver from Saphan Taksin BTS station, the Asiatique Bazaar, opened in 2012, was originally a international trade port and has been rebuilt to house a diverse range…


Respect the Thai culture FFS!!

I am so sick and tired of seeing tourists behaving like arseholes!! Now I’m not just talking about Aussies here, I’m talking about all nationalities. Why is it that they all feel that just because they have paid to do a tour or enter a tourist center, that it suddenly gives them rights to behave…

Living in Thailand Cheap

Living in Thailand on $1000AUD per month

Can it be done? HELL YES! Ok so living in Thailand is a totally different experience to living in a western country. There’s plenty plenty of fores and against. One of the major driving factors living in an Asian environment like Thailand is simply the cost of living. When I look at how much I…