Wat Mettadharmabodhiyan Chinese temple Kanchanaburi

Wat Mettadharmabodhiyan Chinese temple in Kanchanaburi

Wat Mettadharmabodhiyan is a Chinese temple in Kanchanaburi located 20km from Kanchanaburi train station. After a recent motorcycle crash I was encouraged to attend this Chinese buddhist temple in Kanchanaburi to pray and seek protection for my future riding. The main entrance of the wat has large Asian Buddhism wooden statue’s garding the temple. Within…

Four Mexican Tourists Die In Minivan Crash in Phichit and 6 injured. Why does this recent news headline suprise me in the least? Doing a simple Google search for "tourist minivan crash Thailand" and you will see scores of images showing crashed minivan's, some with fatalities, all with injuries. Now I have caught a couple of these vans, and have now made a decision to never set foot in one again while in Thailand. Aside from the above graphic images, what would make me feel that unsafe being a passenger in a minivan in Thailand?

Tourist vans in Thailand a scary proposition – Do you dare ride in one?

Tourist vans in Thailand – Four Mexican tourists die in minivan crash in Phichit and 6 injured. Why does this recent news headline surprise me in the least? Doing a simple Google search for “tourist minivan crash Thailand” and you will see scores of images showing crashed minivan’s, some with fatalities, all with injuries. Now…

Snorkeling Phuket Phi Phi Island James Bond Island Monkey Island

Snorkeling in Thailand, is it really worth the trouble?

Should you spend your cash on heading out on one of the private adventures you see being sold on every street corner in Phuket? Well I say a resounding yes! Now if your an avid scuba diver or snorkeler, then one of these trips is definitely not for you. Draw the comparison with the Australian…


Sai Yok Noi waterfall Kanchanaburi

Sai Yok Noi waterfall Kanchanaburi is located right alongside the main highway. The area can be accessed by car, motorcycle or by tour bus. The train station at Nam Tok is located approximately 2km away. The area is also know by the other name Khoa Pung Waterfall. It is one of the more beautiful waterfalls…

pattaya new years 2016

Pattaya Walking Street New Years Hot Spots

Well the countdown is on for New Years 2016, and you have landed yourself in Pattaya, Thailand. What can you expect from New Years eve in Walking Street Pattaya? The Tourism Authority of Thailand Hospitality invite “Pattaya Countdown 2016” throughout Pattaya, but encourage attendance at the boat docks . (Cape Bari Hai ) South Pattaya,…

savannakhet laos Thai Embassy Visa Run

Visa Run Savannakhet Laos

After extending my double entry tourist Visa issued in Australia, it was time to grab some further time in the Land of Smiles. It’s always a dreaded time having to do a Visa Run to obtain permission to live as a tourist in Thailand. This time around I needed it to happen fast and without…


Chiang Mai Tourism in a nutshell

Is it worth it? HELL YES! Personally if I have the opportunity to live somewhere in Thailand other than where I am currently, Chiang Mai would have to top the list. Chiang Mai is a city in mountainous north of Thailand, in an area that dates back to the 1200s. It’s Old City area still…

Cheap meals Thailand

What can you eat in Thailand for under $5AUD

While most travelers will have strict budgets to stick to, traveling in Thailand means that being a flexible with your money for food is not only doable, but is recommended. Obviously if your hanging around the main tourist haunts and have schooled yourself up on my Top 5 Tips for Thailand you will be aware…

soi cowboy bangkok

5 Hot tips for the newbie in Thailand

Not all girls are girls, Thailand can chew you up and spit you out, yes its fucking hot and some things can never be unseen. When you come to Thailand, you’re going to have your senses hit in a million different ways. Whether you’re squandering your coin in the gogo bars, or enjoy an ethical…