Watch the whole 7 part series: Arriving in Dehli on a flight from Bangkok, we head off without much sleep to Lalli Singh’s Royal Enfield shop to pick up our bikes to start the “Escaping the Indian Himalayas” ride which will see us reach heights of over 4800mtrs, and watch my body fail in the process as we ride through north eastern India.

Many backpackers decide to rent motorcycles in Dehli or Manali to go to the Leh or Spitti Valley. What they do not usually know is that Spiti Valley and Ladakh is very beautiful, but it is not a walk in the park even for an experienced rider. Without a minimal experience it can get quite rough. Mountains have their own rules and there isn’t someone to come and rescue you close by when things go wrong.

After riding many many thousands of km through SEAsia and now with an impending trip through India along the Leh-Manalli highway, I take a moment to go through some of the gear I use and take with me. What do I use fo ra long distance motorcycle trip for the weekend or across the globe, luggage solutions, boots, wet weather gear, jacket, camera gear?

Inspired by the film Long Way Round starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, I embark on a 14 day adventure from Ban Pong in Ratchaburi Thailand north Shangri-La in China via Laos. The return route saw over 5500k traveled on my Ducati Hyperstrada 821 motorcycle with a group of 25 other bikes and 2 support vehicles, including the necessary Chinese guide.

Temperates leaving Thailand started at 35deg, and at the coldest point in the trip saw it drop all the way down to -11 and in the snow at the top of Bluemoon Valley at an altitude of 4600mtrs.

This is my day spent climbing up the abandoned Ghost Tower in Bangkok. The Sathorn Unique Tower is 49 stories of Urban Exploration. Come along as I explore the decaying ruins of a building that two decades ago was stopped mid construction. Read the story on my blog to find out why the tower has got it’s popular name of Bangkok’s Ghost Tower.

Enjoy the sunset over Bangkok from the top of the Ghost Tower.

2000km in 6 days on Kawasaki Versys motorcycle with Vee Rubber all terrain tyres tackling the pot holes, gravel, mud and dirt from Ban Pong Ratchaburi, north east to Nong Khai, crossing the Friendship Bridge 1 into Vientiane, visiting Thai Embassy for Education Visa before continuing north on bad roads to Vang Vieng, then crossing mountain between Kasi and Muang Nan where landslides are ever prevalent.

Riding on different surfaces of roads in Northern Thailand near Chiang Mai on The Samoeng Loop. This was part of a trip I did from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on my Kawasaki Versys 650.

Two Aussie riders in Thailand take a look at the Ducati Monster 796 and the Ducati Hyperstrada 821. With the Monster coming in at 87hp and the Hyper at 100hp, what makes these bikes different and what would be your choice for adventure exploration in Thailand.

The group I rode to China with gathered to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Chumphon Thailand.  3 days of riding in the mountains around the stunning beachside province. Riding all the way down there with issues in the rear brakes, essentially NO rear brakes for over 400km, not ideal.

Loboo waterproof duffle bag:
GoPro Hero:
GoPro Waterproof Selfie Stick:
Camera Olympus:
Ram Mount Handlebar with U-Bolt:
Pacsafe Anti-theft Backpack:
Battery Power Bank:
Oneal MX Boots:
RST Jacket:
Leather Pants:
Kneck Sock:
AGV Helmet:
Fingerless Gloves:
Winter Gloves:
Rain Suit:
Arnette Sunglasses:
Motorcycle Disc Lock:
Pacsafe Bag Locks:
Pacsafe Luggage lock:
Universal Power Point Adapter: