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Biker rallies in the USA build their own sort of culture the longer they go on. Names like Sturgis, Daytona, Hollister, and Laconia evoke an immediate reaction from motorcyclists “in the know.” But the “majors” can sometimes be crowded and have a bloated, over-promoted vibe.

Of course, there are always smaller, local events that people love to hit up each year. There might be a local bike night, an annual car show, or maybe the local MC puts on a pig-pickin’ to raise funds.

In between these massive rallies and small-time events lies a series of newer events, where rows upon rows of bikers show up, there are a ton of show bikes, some racing, and a whole lot of atmosphere. Shows like Mama Tried, The One Show, and of course Born Free are among these. While not new, Born Free is still evolving when compared to massive rallies that have been going on since before World War 2.

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R9Kustoms sissy bar duffle bag is perfect for Born Free Show

Some focus on racing, some focus on custom motorcycles as an intersection of art and design. The focus for Born Free is on vintage custom motorcycles, with most of the machines featured being period-customs from the 1960s. However, a huge part of the shows’ grounds (near Silverado Lake in Orange County, California) is actually for bike parking. This means those who purchased a “Grass Pass” ended up as part of the show.

First and foremost, Born Free is a bike show. Focusing on vintage customs, machines were of course primarily Harley-Davidson based, but they ranged from pre-war bob jobs to chrome and metal flaked choppers, with a sprinkling of barn-fresh machines complete with copious rust from being parked for decades.

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R9Kustoms sissy bar duffle bag is perfect for Born Free Show