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2016-11-23 09.28.07-5

What makes you an Adventure Motorcyclist?

Well this is a pretty general question, and recently much discussion was had on a couple of Facebook groups with people trying to define it. You have your purists that say you need to have the latest top end Adventure BMW and ride around the world, then there are the other who disagree. I will…

Adventure riding Ducati Hyperstrada

Some of the gear and use adventure riding and why

Everyones comfort level for adventure riding around the world is different. What you take can depend on the area your going, the seasons, and the level of comfort you want. One of my recent adventures was nearly 6000km from near Bangkok in Thailand, across Laos and into China with a final destination in the mountains…


Around the world motorcycle adventure: Initial thoughts

Well after spending 18 months in Thailand, and having ridden all through Thailand, Laos and up into China and Tibet, I am starting to get itchy feet. In this time I have covered over 40’000km on two bikes, a Kawasaki Versys 650 and also a Ducati Hyperstrada. Still on the todo list while living in…

Army Engineers Start Manali – Rohtang Pass Snow Clearance Operations

Army Engineers Start Manali – Rohtang Pass 2017 Snow Clearance Operations

Rohtang Pass 2017 clearing starting out early, Border Roads Organisation began snow cutting operations from Rahla fall (27Kms from here) on the Manali-Rohtang-Keylong road and set out a stiff target to open the snowbound pass in May. Aiming next target it to open the road to Leh in Ladhak. The entire road which normally is thrown open…


Overdose of culture in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, situated a short flight from Bangkok, is the perfect place to check out when your wanting to boarder bounce for a visarun. I recently ventured there for four days, and the biggest thing I was looking forward to was a change of pace with food. Living in Thailand,…

Kanchanaburi Hot Spring Lin Thin

Kanchanaburi Hot Spring Lin Thin

Recently after doing a visa run across into Myanmar at the boarder in Kanchanaburi, I had the afternoon to kill before heading home and being a hot day, thought maybe we could head to Sai Yok Waterfall for a swim. Well it was empty. Much to out disappointment but we are in April and the…

bargirl gogo bar pattaya patpong

Top 5 travel scams in Thailand Bangkok

Before even going through the scams, the best advice to avoid these scams in Thailand is to avoid engaging strangers, in general Thai people are extremely decent and friendly, and when shown respect also display respect, but this is only relevent to where you are traveling. If you are spending your time in the high…

2017-02-03 14.18.07

Rider comparision Hyperstrada 821 vs Monster 796

I recently had the opportunity to go for a ride with my mate Matthew from Bangkok, a fellow Aussie Expat, out through Kanchanaburi to take the opportunity to compare the two bikes. We swapped seats throughout the ride and this is what we found. So now we have a real Hyperstrada 821 vs Monster 796…


Wat Thep Phuttharam Chinese temple in Chonburi near Pattaya

The Buddhist Chinese Temple at Ang Sila, Chonburi Province, named Wat Thep Phuttharam is one of the most beautiful buildings in Thailand, if not for it’s size, for the eye candy of colour. As with visiting many of the temples in Thailand, appropriate dress should be worn when visiting, though Wat Thep Phuttharam seems to…