Making decission to leave

ticketSo what do you do when life’s throws you a curve ball at aged 40 as an Aussie guy with no ties? What do you do when you have a good job, nice house, and all the creature comforts you could want? Well when people affect your life and your left holding the ball and trying to work out what do to with the rest of your life, why not change it up. Leave! Get rid of all the things in life that hold you down, at the material objects that somehow define you, that job that defines you, that house that defines you. Lose all the weights, and chains and go on an adventure…. and don’t look back!

I quit my job, sold my house, put all my worldy pocessions that I wanted to keep into storage, gave or sold away all the things I didn’t want from my past life and bought a one way ticket to Thailand. Why the hell not!

So why Thailand? Well when you look at the options, wanting to not waste money and still live a reasonable lifestyle, how can you beat a country where as a Farang you can comfortably live on $1000-$1500 USD a month.

Sit on a beach and kick back, go to the gym, explore the nightlife and markets, all these possibilities are available.

Departure date…. 18th July 2015