Using a hotel safe in Thailand

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hotel safe crackObviously when you’re travelling, you will stay in a hotel which if it’s a half decent hotel it will have a hotel safe in your room which you can store your passport, laptop, phone, camera in or anything else of value.

Now one thing to bear in mind with these safes is that they can be compromised easily. Yes you put your own pin number into the safe when you first open it, but what happens if you forget your pin code?

You ask the hotel staff right? And what do they do? They use the default pin code for the safe, which is usually set to 000000 (all zeros), and if they haven’t changed this default pin code, anyone with knowledge of what the default code from factory is can access your safe.

Make sure you check it first with the default code to ensure it is in fact safe. If not, perhaps hiding the items in other locations in the hotel room might be a better idea.

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