Khaosan Road Bangkok

Khaosan Road

Khaosan Road Even visiting Khaosan Road Bangkok after a rainy afternoon still shows you just how popular the area is with the tourists.

The locals defiantly know this, taking every opportunity to tout their items for sale. This area, with all its bars, tattoo shops, teeshirt shops and general cheap gear is still quite expensive in the scheme of things. For a night market, its great if you need a shirt, but in reality not much else of any substance unfortunately.

As with everywhere in Thailand negotiation is key, I picked up 6 teeshirts to send home as gifts for 640bt, haggled down 50%.

The main strip is full of bars, all serving nice chilled beer, but charging for some ice to keep them that way is just an added bonus.

Plenty of food options in the Sio’s around Khao San also, with the usual tourist trade on scorpions and other flavorsome insects.

Expect to see all the pricky young backpackers loitering around in their drunken stupor at night also as there’s unlimited supply’s of hostels and bars happy to serve ear bleedingly loud music and bucket beer for cheaps.

Eat some scorpions, grasshoppers, spiders or bugs. Yes they are full or protein and no they are not gross. They all taste about the same, crunchy with that hint of barbecue.