Thailand toilet etiquette

Thai squat ToiletTaking a shit in Thailand is different to western toilet so check out some Thailand toilet etiquette. Simple really, but it’s mystery is how Thai people can do their duty, use the water spray to clean up (with no toilet paper or towels) and then exit the facilities without water running down their legs or a wet spot on their pants.

Thais traditionally don’t use paper but wash rather than wipe themselves after going to the toilet.

Being a bit overweight and not as nimble as most could also mean using squatters are not an easy proposition.

Using a squat toilet is not just different due to the process of squatting, but you also have to contend with no toilet paper. There is normally a spray hose though, which I recommend you use liberally, then I stand up and spray off the toilet and the surrounding floor area to make sure any “spill over” has been washed down the drain.

Then it’s simply a matter of flushing the toilet with two big scoops of water. Balancing on the squatter can be difficult depending on what your wearing, but pulling your pants down below the knee is definitely a recommendation. Don’t worry they won’t get wet here.

Most hotels in busy tourist hotspots tend to have western toilets with toilet paper, but also include a hose for those inclined. Another interesting fact is that most bathrooms are considered wet areas, where you can use the hose to clean down the floor and outside of the toilet is you for some reason make a huge mess from some food that hasn’t agreed with you.

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