Save 500THB a day Tips for Thailand Travel

Pattaya cheap tips

Pattaya cheap tipsMy top tips for Thailand travel and saving money while traveling will allow you to spend your cash on the important tourist activities that everyone loves to take photos of and post on Facebook to make all their friend at home jealous as shit that your doing something they can only dream about.

Go local – The easiest way to save your money while abroad in Thailand is to simply live like a local, everyone says it but many don’t. Take the BTS, ride in a tuk-tuk, eat street food from street vendors and most importantly drink local beer like Chang. The average Thai national survives on less than 7,750 THB per month in Bangkok, and on even less in the smaller provinces. If you stay at cheap guesthouses, backpackers or use AIRBnb and eat street food, you can spend as little as 350 THB per day.

Eating street food – Don’t be afraid to eat street food, the Thais live on it. It’s more or less safe — sometimes it can even safer than restaurant food. If it wasn’t, Thai people wouldn’t be queuing up each day. You’ll find some of the best of Thailand’s cuisine on the street and it will cost you fuck all compared with what you pay at a fancy restaurant.

Happy hour drinking – Thailand’s many happy hours have half-priced drinks and 2-for-1 specials. Any of the main tourist areas will have sexy young girls on the footpaths promoting this. It’s not a scam, money can be saved to buy that extra drink.

Beer at 7-Eleven – Buying beer at Thailand’s 7-Elevens and drinking outside will save you quite a bit on your bar tab. If you can’t find a 7-Eleven then there is something wrong with you. In Bangkok, if you throw a ball out into the street you bound to hit at least 3 shops. A beer in 7-Eleven is about 35 THB, while the same beer will cost 95-150 THB in a restaurant or bar.

Negotiation is everything– The price people tell you for things on the street is a starting point, past that what you pay is really up to you. Never be affraid to walk away from a deal because there will always be another one just the same around the next soi.


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