How to not get killed on busy streets in Thailand

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Bangkok Bust StreetWhen you look at the population of Bangkok 6.355 million, you start to understand how dangerous the simple task of getting around on foot can be on the busy streets in Thailand.

The suggestions I am going to present here, apply all throughout Thailand, so don’t feel that just because you’re in a smaller tourist trap like Phuket or Pattaya that these simple rules don’t apply.

Top 5 rules to avoid getting killed on the the streets

  1. Always look both ways. Yes I know this sounds like a rule from childhood, but nowhere is it more important than here. Why? Simple, motorcycles and scooters don’t abide by the road rules, and even when you think they won’t appear down the wrong way on a road they will.
  2.  Pedestrian crossings are only suggestions. They are not like pedestrian crossings in western countries whereby the cars and bikes will yield right of way.
  3. ┬áStep out off the curb with confidence. When you step off the curb into the street and start walking in front of traffic, a Thai will see you, and anticipate that if you continue along you current trajectory that if he doesn’t slow down he will miss you. If you go and change the rules on him by hesitating of stopping, you put yourself at risk by adding confusion.
  4. Don’t walk in the gutters. I know it can sometimes be a great idea when the foot paths are super full with street vendors and such, but walking in the gutter can get you hit by a scooter that may be trying to split traffic.
  5. Rushing out onto the road once a traffic light has changed colour can result in all sorts of carnage especially when someone either runs a red lights of jumps a green light from the opposite side. Bikes will normally be the culprits here, and getting clipped by one of those will end in tears.

Basically walking on the streets in Thailand you need to be super aware of your surrounds and that of your travel mates, it’s busy, it’s hectic and you could end up in one of their hospitals or worse a morgue.

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