Farang Renting a Condo in Thailand

Ban Pong Ratchaburi Farang's Renting a Condo in Thailand

Ban Pong Ratchaburi Farang's Renting a Condo in ThailandWell if you have been following any of my adventures, you might have noticed I have a base camp. I decided on finding somewhere that was handy to highways to be able to get about on the motorbike, as well as somewhere quiet and out of the way from main tourist areas.

I live in Ban Pong, Ratchaburi, and I’m a Farang, gee doesn’t that sound like a AA meeting. Ban Pong is located about 70 clicks from Bangkok, or about 1.5hrs to Sukhumvit. Not too far yet not too close. Ban Pong is located in Ratchaburi Province. The town itself is quite small, with the district housing 150’000 people. Small enough that it doesn’t suffer from all the problems that the tourist traps have, and big enough that you can get everything you need with relative ease.

Ban Pong Ratchaburi Farang's Renting a Condo in ThailandLiving somewhere like Ban Pong also allows you to save some money on accommodation. I am living in a 2 year old condo, which costs 5000THB a month with free Wifi. Add to that the water and electricity, and monthly costs go up to a total of about 8000THB ($315AUD). This includes furniture, a big screen TV, fridge and king sized bed. What it lacks is a kitchen or somewhere to prepare food but hey, that’s what sitting on the floor is for.

Now some may wonder why Ban Pong, there doesn’t seem to be much to do. Well Kanchanaburi is only just down the road, with all its wonderful swimming locations and Wats. Also not far is HuaHin and Ratchaburi, which are great places to go for a few days until the tourist plague gets on my nerves.

Ban Pong Ratchaburi Farang's Renting a Condo in ThailandThe one major draw-card for me here is that the Farang contingent is very low. I could count on my two hands the Farang’s calling Ban Pong home. This has an upside that you will be forced to improve your Thai very quickly if you want to be able to communicate with anyone.

People in a town like Ban Pong are simple uncomplicated people, they are not trying to fleece you of money, trying to sell you things on the street with the force you will find in other places. They are easy going, polite and always eager to help out someone providing your genuine.

As with anywhere in Thailand, you can expect local markets. The benefit of being in a rural setting is that the markets won’t be overrun with vendors selling the same repetitive tourist rubbish. In somewhere like this, you can expect local craft and food being the mainstay which is a nice change of pace.

Don’t be expecting a town like Ban Pong to be overrun with transport options though. Yes there are buses that will drop you off here, but past that you are somewhat on your own. Some corners have motorcycle taxis available during the day and early evening, but past that there is nothing. No Tuk Tuk’s buzzing down the streets, no Taxi cars or anything like that.

Ban Pong Ratchaburi Farang's Renting a Condo in ThailandThere is a major city center just 20 minutes away at Nakon Pathom. You will find most major conveniences there, like McDonald’s, MK’s and Starbucks. Also in Nakon Pathom is an immigration office which is probably more on the Bangkok side of town than my side. This office will be able to help with Visa Extensions and 90 day checking.

I have always have the philosophy of living like a local wherever I travel.

This truly gives you a better understanding of a culture, as opposed to seeing the tourist side of things which aren’t really the heart of a place.

If your on the eastern side of Bangkok and want to experience a more rural simpler life during your trip, drop by Ban Pong and grab a slice of the real Thailand.