Top 5 BEST of Kanchanaburi Thailand

Hellfire Pass Thailand

Wat Tham Khao Noi Tiger TempleNumber 1: Wat Tham Khao Noi is located in Kanchanburi next to Wat Tham Sua. This temple is worth witnessing first hand due to it’s unique 100 year old Chinese style architecture, known as Mahayana style. The temple was constructed in 1881, with the first monk to reside in the temple being of Chinese descent named Luang Pu Haeng (Kak Neng).

Upon arrival at the temple, you will first be greeted by the formidable staircase leading to the top where you will find the impressive Golden Buddha and chedi. If your not up for walk up the stairs, you can use the cable car service. Also worth noting is that this temple abides by the Buddhist dress code standards. If you are wearing shorts or a short skirt you can hire a sarong for 20thb at the base.

Out of the way secret destination Crystal Caves of KanchanaburiNumber 2: So this is bit of a secret, and a secret that the Monks living there wish to share. If you have an interest in confined places, with no fear of claustrophobia then taking on the adventure to find the beauty that is the Crystal Caves in Kanchanaburi might just be what you need.

If you have been to Khao Bin Caves or followed my story on it, the Crystal Caves is nothing like them.

To start with there is a sign just outside Wat Tham Khao Noi which will point you in the right direction to get started towards the caves. Basically it is approximately 10 minutes drive past the right turn into Wat Tham Khao Noi.

Erawan and Huay Mae Khamin WaterfallNumber 3: Huay Mae Khamin Waterfalls. Ok so I have been to Erawan Falls at Kanchanaburi a few months ago. To compare Erawan and Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall also in Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand is near impossible. Erawan is the more known attraction being accessible to the average tourist staying in Kanchanaburi. You can hire a scooter and brave the short highway style road there, enjoying a day in the water. But what does traveling past the entrance to Erawan Falls for another 45km or 1 hour in a car get you? Well you end up at Huay Mae KhaminWaterfall within Sai Yok National Park, and this place is spectacular which would explain why Thai locals tend to stay away from Erawan and all venture to the tropical rainforests of Huay Mae Kamin.

Erawan Falls ThailandNumber 4: Located in Kanchanaburi province, Erawan Falls has 7 levels dropping down over 1’500 metres and is considered one of the more beautiful falls in Thailand.

You can venture into some of the pools created by the falls for a chilling afternoon swim provided your not afraid of the fish that live in these unique pools.

The park is popular with both locals and tourists alike, and had bamboo platforms for you to sit, have some food and chill out in these magnificent surroundings.

It is located approximately 160km from Bangkok, and 60km north of Kanchanaburi. You can easily catch a bus to Kanchanaburi and then take a tour to the falls, or even hire a scooter and ride out there yourself.

Hellfire Pass ThailandNumber 5: Taking the opportunity to visit Hellfire Pass was must for me, more importantly because of my fathers keen interest in all that is relating to Australian war history.

Taking the opportunity to visit Hellfire pass was must for me, more importantly because of my fathers keen interest in all that is relating to Australian war history. With this in mind, I ventured off mid week to pay my respects. After touring that small museum, which in fact does not hold a lot of items considering the prisoners of war never carried much with them, I started the walk down the long stairs to the first and most photographed section of the railway.

Given my fathers age and ability, he will never get the opportunity to see this first hand, so with the use of technology and good mobile phone coverage, I was able to call him on Skype while making the walk. Because I was on my own, I did the complete walk of the 8km return trip, moving through some of the most dense jungle I have ever seen.


To even try to imagine what these men went through is absolutely impossible. They had make shift radios to try and gather any information of Australian success, whereas today I am taking the walk with my father using Skype so he can hear, see and experience it from his home in Australia.