Long Tail Boat Kaeng Krachan National Park Phetchaburi

2016-02-22 13.57.40Kaeng Krachan is the largest national park within Thailand. It is on the border with Burma (Myanmar) and is a short drive/ride from the bustling coastal tourist town of Hua Hin.

Kaeng Krachan was declared as a national park on 12 June 1981. Covering an area of 2914 km² the park is located in Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan Provinces with Myanmar’s border to the west. The park is predominately a rainforest area.

Two main rivers, Phetchaburi and Pran Buri Rivers are both originated from Tanaosri Ranges within the national park.

The highest elevation is a peak along the Burmese border at around 1500 meters. The second highest peak is Khao Phanoen Thung at 1,207 meters used to be accessible by an overnight trekking from Phonoen Thung Camp Site but this trail is closed since 2014 (still is as of Feb 2016, there are no plans to open it anytime soon).

Long Tail Boat Kaeng Krachan National Park Phetchaburi Dam WallAccess to the main forest area of the park is limited to two roads, the road beyond Dan Khao Sam Yot Checkpoint and one into the area surrounding the Pala U Waterfall in the south east.

There are many camping areas, as well as small resorts around the base of the Kaeng Kra Chan dam along the fast flowing river.

For the cheap price of 20thb, you can hire yourself a life jacket and jump into the river at the mouth, and float quickly down as far as you like, but remember you do have to walk back. Inflatable boats are also available, and in that price you get a ride back to where you started.

Considering the outside temperate, the water is cold and refreshing, and with the current as quick as it is, there’s no time to sit still and worry if your freezing your toes off or not. Ropes are strung out of the river in various sections that you can grab hold of and pull yourself towards the bank if your feeling nervous about being able to swim ashore.

Long Tail Boat Kaeng Krachan National Park PhetchaburiThere are many platforms along the flowing rover, with restaurants serving up local Thai cuisine and beer.

This is an extremely popular place on long weekend’s for Thai locals who will come from areas like Ratchaburi to get away with friends and family for a few days.


During my time there, I was the only farang, and as usually happens, you become very popular with locals wanting to know if you like the place or keenly finding out where you are from.

Riding the Kawasaki Versys through the roads in this area are pretty spectacular, with large mountain formations disappearing into the foggy skyline. Expect to see some dirt rounds in your travels, nothing to harsh and something that a road bike could handle with ease.

Long Tail Boat Kaeng Krachan National Park Phetchaburi Dam WallParking up on the dam wall in the afternoon gives you a true sense of the size of the place. Never before have I seen a dam with so many monkey filled islands on it.

Down on the other side of the dam, long tail boats are available for a tour of the island within the dam. Many of the islands are large enough to house small colony’s of monkeys which will run to the banks in hope of some free food.

Venturing out in a longtail boat later in the day is quite rewarding as the sun is setting allowing some spectacular views across the water. Expect to pay around 600thb for 45minutes out on the dam in a boat. Check out some more photos here. Visit here yourself with GPS Location.