You know you’ve been living in Thailand too long when….

meme thailand living in Thailand farang

meme thailand living in Thailand farangLiving abroad can be a life changing experience, you leave behind all the things you hated about your life, and have the potential to re-invent yourself in ways you never thought possible.


You can absord a new culture, become someone you always wished you could be, make your friends back home jealous of you alternative lifestyle and more importantly become more self reliant and at peace with life.

You know you’ve been living in Thailand too long when you have finally absorbed the culture to a point where your at peace and call you new lifestyle the norm.

It’s a extremely enriching experience, making long term plans for exploration, finding joy in the simpler things in life.

All that amazement you felt when you first arrived can disappear by the way side, but this isn’t a bad thing, dropping all the material pocessions you left behind, and becoming more about you, and not your things is an extremely liberating experience that Thailand will allow you to do.

Embrase it all!!