What’s on Ko Sichang Island in Thailand?

What's on Ko Sichang Island in Thailand?

What's on Ko Sichang Island in Thailand?First off Ko Sichang Island in Thaland is a district of the province Chonburi, southeast of Bangkok. It consists of the island of Ko Sichang and its adjoining islands.

The biggest thing you will notice when you jump on the ferry to head over to the island is the amount of shipping that happens in the area.

Its proximity to local shipping lanes has made it a convenient anchorage for hundreds of barges which trans-ship their cargos to lighter barges for the trip up the Chao Phraya river to Bangkok.

While I found the beaches not as enjoyable as those on islands further east and south, such as Khao Chang near Trat, you can explore the remains of a former royal palace which was built as a summer retreat for King Chulalongkorn.

The Thai royal residence was abandoned in 1893 when the French occupied the island during a conflict with Thailand over who would control Laos.

What's on Ko Sichang Island in Thailand?Getting around the island is quiet easy, with unique to the island Tuk-tuk’s outrageously powered by car engines. These once roamed the streets of Bangkok but were banished to Sri Racha years ago.

They can be hired for about 60 baht an hour to take visitors on a tour of the island.

You can easily rent a Scooter on the island near the jetty, priced at around 300 baht for the day. While there are a few steep hills, the island is easily navigated by a novice Scooter rider.

I am not sure if it was the time of year I ventured across to the island, or if it is simply an indication at the state of Thailand’s detoriating waterways, but there was no chance in hell that I was going to swim from the beaches with the amount of rubbish that was floating around.

What's on Ko Sichang Island in Thailand? RuinsIt was definately the worst I have seen anywhere in Thailand, and may have been attributed to the international ships.

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For me personally, the highlight for travelling to Ko Sichang Island was the quaint island street and the ruins scattered throughout the island, they made up for the diappointment of the poluted beaches.