Kanchanaburi Hot Spring Lin Thin

Kanchanaburi Hot Spring Lin Thin

Kanchanaburi Hot Spring Lin ThinRecently after doing a visa run across into Myanmar at the boarder in Kanchanaburi, I had the afternoon to kill before heading home and being a hot day, thought maybe we could head to Sai Yok Waterfall for a swim.

Well it was empty. Much to out disappointment but we are in April and the rain season hasn’t started yet. Past there we thought lets just follow some signs and try and find something new.

After stopping for some lunch just past Hellfire Pass, we spoke to some locals that made mention of a ‘new’ hot spring that had only just recently opened.

Now after my experience at Hin Dad Hot spring, I thought hell yes. After dodgy directions and about 45 minutes back and forth along the road that runs parallel to the river, we eventually stumbled upon Lin Thin Hot Spring.

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Now yes it is only NEW. You will need to park at the temple across the road from it and walk in town the road, as they block it off from motorcycles and cars. Secondly it is only open in the afternoon, from 4pm until 7pm. Now in saying this, that is the man made pool that is opened at this time, the river access is all day.

Lin Thin Hot Spring in Kanchanaburi now open to publicThe man made pool is used to pump up water from the hot springs which are actually down in the banks of the river Kwai. After taking a dip in the pool, we ventured down into the river, which is nice and clear due to the base being rocks and stones.

If you look carefully while swimming, you can see air bubbles coming to the surface in the water, swim over to them and put your feet down in the rocks and have them warmed. Kinda cool, no pun intended.