Bitcoin could go up or down in Thailand


We are lucky to be operating and trading in such a stable, non-volatile and predictable market, where we can use TA experts to our very own advantage while trying to make some capital in Thailand.

As most of you may have caught wind of, there may be a bear market around the corner. For those of you unaware what a bear market is, in layman’s terms, it’s basically where every coin including Bitcoin, eat complete sh*t for a few months. However, it seems that TA experts around the world have come out with a new ground-breaking discovery of predicting which way Bitcoin will go.

In the latest wave of TA charts produced by some of the world’s most renowned cryptocurrency figures, we’ve been told, almost to beyond our own beliefs, that “Bitcoin could go up, but it also could go down”. Yes, you read that right, there’s a 100% chance that Bitcoin could either go UP or DOWN.

How’s that for a calculated risk? 100% accuracy. A recent phone call with a notorious signaller and TA professional who wished to remain anonymous claimed that his “years of operating in the industry, analysing algorithms and predicting trends, leads him to believe that Bitcoin could go any which way”.

This is ground breaking stuff. Having said all that, here’s what you should be doing in the two plausible scenarios.

Should Bitcoin’s price begin to plummet:

Prepare an exit strategy. Move your short term, and medium term profits into BTC, and cash out for FIAT, whilst holding your long term alts.

Should Bitcoin turn bullish and keep climbing in price:

If you haven’t already prepared a doomsday exit strategy, and the market goes bullish again, then count your blessing, and continue trading as normal.

And lastly, a big thank you to those who told us that Bitcoin could go up or down, because without you, we were not certain of the possibilities and directions that these coins could go.