Harry Cross loses his leg in near fatal motorcycle crash in Thailand

Harry Cross motorcycle crash Thailand

Harry Cross motorcycle crash Thailand
Our friend Harry Cross has been traveling Southeast Asia for the last 5 months. In that time he has been living life, capturing the energy of every moment. Looking forward to the next adventure.

Today on his way to extend his travel visa, Harry Cross was riding a Yamaha motorcycle near Kanchanaburi in Thailand, obeying the road rules, wearing a motorcycle helmet and jacket, when he was struck by a sugar cane truck illegally turning across his path. The truck continued on and dragged Harry Cross like a rag doll nearly 15 metres, in the process degloving (where the skin is removed like a glove) his right leg from above the knee. The leg also suffered multiple double bone breakes above and below the knee.

Harry Cross motorcycle crash ThailandHe was rushed to the local hospital in a serious condition. Futher scans showed he also had a shattered pelvis and three broken ribs to go with the degloved and severely fractured leg.

He was rushed into surgery where they were unable to save his leg and amputated above the knee.

Harry is now in the ICU, he is conscience but obviously in a lot of pain. He has a strong will, knows he has lost his leg, but says “at least I am alive”.

We are working to have him transfered to Bangkok where specialists can rebuild his pelvis and relocate the remainder of his leg.

Unfortunately he did not have travel insurance, his motorcycle was legally registered and therefore had insurance which covers some of the medical bills, but in reality only a VERY small percent.

The truck driver has told police it was not his fault and therefore it will go to court which could take months, if not years.

Now he is not looking for a hand out, he is merely looking for some support, bear in mind that past the medical bills there is going to be a huge journey ahead for him, with the need for a prosthetic leg down the track and learning to walk again. This could have been any one of us.

So your money will help with everything, will show him how much he means to everyone and that there is good in the world. Please help support Harry Cross with donations to Gofundme.