Rescue efforts for boys soccer team stuck in cave continues.

Thailand soccer team 13 rescue

Thailand soccer team 13 rescue Rescuers will take no risks in freeing the 12 boys and their football coach trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand, one Thai official had said.

They have received their first food and medical treatment in 10 days and are starting to recover physically. Seven divers, including a doctor and a nurse, joined the group inside the caves in the north of the country after they were discovered alive on Monday.

Rescuers are now considering how best to bring the group to safety.

“We will not rush to take the lads out of the cave,” the governor of Chiang Rai, Narongsak Osoththanakorn, told reporters, adding: “Whoever has zero risk first can leave the cave first.”

With everything that has happened in the last, close to two weeks now, the global media attention, foreign divers and rescue teams joining the efforts, little is thought about what else is happening in Thailand.

The media attention for the 13 boys from the Wild Boar soccer has been ongoing, locally in Thailand, the news of finding the boys alive, and now the rescue has been front page news, with television almost seeming to be running 24/7 streaming of the efforts of all involved.

road crash thailandLittle is thought about the fact that during the time the boys have been missing, on an average, at least 90 people have died on Thai roads, which is the reason that Thailand is the number one country in the world for road fatalities.

Why is it that all this media attention is focusing on 13 lives, when on a daily basis, women, childen and men are dying at an alarming rate on Thai roads?

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