Green line! Medical marijuana in Thailand

marijuana thailand legal

marijuana  thailand legal
On January 11, Mr. Niyom Termsrisuk, Secretary General of the Office of Narcotics Control and Prevention
Mentioned progress Medical marijuana use That is now waiting for the draft of the Drug Abuse Act that has changed in accordance with the drug code.

In essence, marijuana is also illegal drugs. Research study For import-export issues, sales, possession In the authority of the relevant government agencies, whether medical matters, pharmacists are authorized.

But in the case of permission to plant at home that is a person Must be Thai nationals only Born in Thailand only There are no more than 50 families in each family. There must be a family member like 3 people.

The Secretary-General of the NCC said that Currently, the committee considers the use of marijuana for medical use, is still considering details from screening species, planting, extraction by looking from the source to the destination, including the use of extracts, how to proceed Right in the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives In the school district, it is not allowed to be planted in public schools.

Approved, Thai people can grow marijuana at home, no more than 50 trees.