Is it safe to travel because of the Corona Virus in Thailand

Well in my opinion essentially yes. In saying that though, some common sence precautionary measures should be taken. Recently I made a trip on Don Mueng airport through to Siem Reap in Cambodia. One thing I noticed was the amount of people wearing face masks, everything from painters masks through to the more effective KN95 mask which is what I wore.

There has been plenty of speculation in the media about weather the use of these masks actually have any effect, for me I figured wearing the most effective mask, ensuring it was fitted correctly and keeping my hands clean and away from eyes was enough to add a extra layer of piece of mind.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has posted a notice to clarify the “self-quarantine requirements” of all visitors coming to Thailand from “risk area” countries, relating to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

The clarification comes after two days of confusing announcements coming out of the Thai Public Health Department. On Tuesday night a document was released on the Thai Public Health Minister’s Facebook page, and then shared and written up on Thai news outlets, only for the entire Facebook page to disappear hours later.