Communicating while in Thailand

vodafone red sim

vodafone red simSo you want to keep connected right? Well most hotels that you will be looking at will have free WIFI, the connection speed and even signals will vary from place to place between great and useless, you sneeze and the signal drops. With this in mind, having a mobile plan that can allow you to use the roaming function can be a great help if your not wanting to race out and grab a local sim. With Vodafone, you can use their Redsim plan while overseas, for $5 extra a day, you get to run your mobile like you were at home, even use tethering to connect your laptop or tablet to the internet.

From the moment you step off the plane, Vodafone is nice enough to send you a txt message notifying you that you are now in a different country, in case you somehow missed it, and that you can opt into the roaming option. For the short term, if you have the $5 to spend daily, keep in contact with your normal mobile number easily.

Receiving a sms message is free, but everything else will trigger the extra $5 a say like using your GPS, sending a txt, or connecting to Facebook or Line.