Sexpat in Thailand – NOT

bargirl gogo bar pattaya patpong

THAILAND FULL MOON PARTYOk so why is it that as a single male, when you tell people you are venturing to Thailand that the first thing that enters people’s minds is the sex tourism and then suddenly your a Sexpat in Thailand.

People automatically think firstly of the Gogo bars at Pattaya, the bar girls of Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. All the jokes start coming out about the Ladyboys (Kathoey).

It becomes such a cliche. Make sure she doesn’t have an adams apple, maybe her’s is bigger than yours? It gets old really quickly.

Really if you want to venture to Thailand as a Sexpat, by all means knock yourself out, there’s a whole seedy under world to explore where you can enjoy the company of a Thai lady and be potentially fleeced of anything you own, but in reality, why is this the automatic draw card that people think of when a single man ventures to this beautiful country?

Pattaya Walking Steet Gogo girlsBefore leaving I talked to a lot of people who have been to Thailand, did a great deal of research online about places I wanted to visit, and to be honest, the night life side of things, as much as it holds a draw card to actually see first hand, there’s so many beautiful places worth a look that will absorb your time and money and make decent memories you can actually tell everyone about.

After you have visited Walking Street in Pattaya a few times, you soon come to realise for one that you will be a whole lot poorer, and secondly that it’s actually quite a sad and depressing place, yes most of these girls make the choice to be there, but their economic standing is the motivation, so in reality it’s not much of a choice for them when sucking cock is the only thing they may have skills to do.