Eating frogs legs in Thailand

Frogs legs Thailand

Frogs legs ThailandShould I really eat frogs legs and what do they taste like? One thing I can say for certain is don’t believe any Thai person that tells you they taste like chicken. It’s utter bullshit.

Yes ok cooked frogs legs are a white meat, and yes they look like a drumstick, but that’s about all that’s the same.

Tendons are different as you bite in, you see veins in the meat, it’s not dry like chicken and the worse bit I found, I actually think frogs look cute, so that part really did my head in.

Despite who they are cooked, they still possess a slimy texture, which feels moist and to me brought all the images of poor old Kermit pushing himself around in a wheelchair as I chomp down because I’m feeling hungry.

Enough said!