Let’s feed the cute Thai monkeys

Thailand monkeysFeeding the Thai monkeys without them feeding on you. As you get away from the bustle of the capital city, you will start to see monkeys in their natural environment.

You can witness them on various islands (ironically Monkey Island or Monkey beach are hotspots), hiking trails, resorts close to the ocean, even in some of the busy tourist spots.

But, one thing to remember is these sometimes cute little creatures are not really that happy to see you.

All they see is a free meal, and more importantly, the dominant male in the group will be the one that really wants to take advantage of the situation.

They can become very very aggressive, especially if you are withholding food they want to knaw down on. If you decide to take some food to feed them, yes they will take it from your hand, but if you want to try and share it with the other monkeys equally when you have a dominant male standing right in front of you, expect yourself to potentially enter a whole world of pain. He will do whatever he can to beat the other down, and if necessary beat you down.

You do not want to get bitten by one of these agro pricks, and if you do, get yourself to a hospital ER quickly, nobody likes to have a holiday cut short by rabies.