What can you eat in Thailand for under $5AUD

Cheap meals Thailand

Glorious Thai Food CheapWhile most travelers will have strict budgets to stick to, traveling in Thailand means that being a flexible with your money for food is not only doable, but is recommended.

Obviously if your hanging around the main tourist haunts and have schooled yourself up on my Top 5 Tips for Thailand you will be aware that eating like a local is by far one of the cheapest and most effective ways to fill your belly.

So what can you eat in Thailand that isn’t going to send you off to the emergency ward with dehydration from pissing out your bum.

Rice meals are always a good bet, add into them a splash of chicken or pork and you have a hearty meal for under 100THB that will give you some protein and carbs to keep you going for a while.

Thailand smoothieAnother option is hitting up the wide array of soups on offer. Grabbing a nice stock soup with duck legs, noodles and won-tons again will keep you under the 100THB mark, and save you some money for buying beers later in the night.

So main items worth trying that don’t drain the bank:

  • Deep fried chicken
  • Any local whole fish steamed or fried
  • Soups (take you pick they are all good)
  • Noodles just add meat

Now another one of my main staples is the good old smoothie. Now grabbing one of these on a hot day or humid night is a great idea, you can normally pick one up for about 40THB with fresh fruit and yogurt with enough chill to give you a brain freeze.