Visiting Monkey Hill Hua Hin

Monkey Hill Hua Hin

Monkey Hill Hua HinMonkey hill is clearly visible at the southern end of Hua Hin main beach. Getting to the hill is an easy 7km Tuk Tuk or taxi ride if you don’t have your own transport. Getting there, you pass through a small fishing village, with plenty of fresh seafood available.

As you pass through the fishing village, you will follow the small road around to the right and up a very steep hill, some Tuk Tuk drivers will not drive this and you may need to walk.

Chopstick or Monkey Hill,  Khao Takiab is dominated by a 272 m high headland that juts out into the sea. The hill itself is adorned by a 20m tall Lord Buddha statue as well as other religious figures, both Thai and Chinese. On reaching the summit you will be welcomed by a statue of  King Rama V.

Monkey Hill Hua HinThe main tourist pull to the hill is obviously the large number of monkeys that are residents there. Whilst not fierce or angry (read feeding monkeys) care should always be taken, especially as it can feel overwhelming when totally surrounded my hundreds eager to investigate your legs.

As with all monkey’s in Thailand, they have a habit of grabbing and taking off with anything that takes their interest, so keep handbags, backpacks and camera’s on your person at all times.

Visiting the hill in the middle of the day will give you the best exposure to the hordes of monkey’s both young and old.

There are people offering to sell buckets of corn kernels for 20THB, which is a safer way to feed them, as feeding bananas can allow for the more aggressive males to become quite intimidating.

The hill is also know as “Monkey Mountain” due to large numbers of monkeys (macaques) that are resident there. Whilst not really fierce, care should be taken when they are around as they have a habit of grabbing and making off with anything that takes their fancy, especially handbags and cameras.

It is probably better not to feed them as the larger males can sometimes become aggressive if the bananas have run out.

Buddhist monk ThailandFor me this location was one of the best monkey experiences I have had, purely due to the fact that there are so many of them, and you are in an area surrounded my monks and religious icons.

As I have found in many areas of Thailand, the Buddhist monks tend to take to me with overly friendly exuberance.

This is quite unique, as is the Thai culture of it not being acceptable to touch a monk. I suspect with my tattoo’s, they show a keen interest in me as they are not exposed to farang looking like I do as often.

You need to cover up for the temple at the top and it’s a big hike up long concrete steps but well worth it for the view if nothing else.

Not long ago this little town was not popular for visitors, but now it can support package tours and independent travellers for any length of time.

monkey hill hua hinThere is no cost involved in visiting Monkey Hill aside from buying food for the Monkey’s should you wish to feed them.

Make sure you walk all the way to the end of the road past the main Buddhist monastery to the end of the headland to take in the large statues and an unimpeded view of the coastline.