Why Phraya Nakhon Cave should be on your list

Phraya Nakhon Cave Boat Ride

Phraya Nakhon Cave Phraya Nakhon Cave is located in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park Thailand. The park was established in 1966, and was the first coastal national park of Thailand. The cave itself was discovered approximately 200 years ago by Chao Praya Nakhon Sri Thammarat while he was searching for a shelter during a storm.

Getting to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park Thailand is a short trip from Hua Hin, less than an hour south of main beach Hua Hin. There’s two ways to reach the beach where the cave’s is located, one option is a short longboat boat ride, or the other option a 20 minute hike through the lush green Tian Mountain.Keep your eyes looking towards the trees for the monkey’s that live within the headland area.

Phraya Nakhon Cave Boat RideI personally recommend doing the hike after attempting the boat ride and climb up off the beach. If you’re not is good physical shape the hike is definitely the better option because with the boat, you get to the beach, then have an almost vertical climb for 45minutes up rugged rock to get to the cave. The is a look out half way up where you can rest and take in the view of the Gulg of Thailand.

The boats will only run if the weather is good though  with a cost of about 150 baht.

There are two caverns inside the main cave. The first one offers an eyeful of stalactites and stalagmites seemingly dripping from the walls. Walking further into the cave, past the first cavern, and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to climb around the rocks and take pictures.

The second cavern located to the right is home to the famous Kuha Karuha’s pavilion, a beautiful temple shrine shrouded in darkness that has been visited by several of Thailand’s monarchs, including the current one, Bhumibol Adulyadej. You can light a candle for good luck in your holidays in Thailand.

The most ideal time to visit the cave is between 10:30 – 11:30 as the sun shines through the caves roof at this time. I visited the cave during the week, which was the perfect time, there were literally no tourists and I got to enjoy the hike and my time in the cave all to myself. You can’t get a better opportunity than that.


NOTE: While you in the region, I would highly recommend making the short trip to Khao Daeng viewpoint (look out).

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