Obtaining a Thai drivers Licence

Thai Drivers License

Thai Drivers LicenseObtaining a Thai drivers Licence is something you will want to consider if you are planning on staying in Thailand for any length of time.

Yes you can drive in Thailand on an International Drivers Permit (IDP) but if you go by the book, you can only do this for 3 months. Considering you may have bought a motorcycle, scooter or car, and want to have it fully insured, you need to follow the letter of the law to ensure that they have no reason to void any claim you may make.

Getting your drivers license is along the same process as registering a motor vehicle. Here is what you will need to get it done.


  1. Passport and copy
  2. Statutory declaration from your embassy with your address
  3. Local drivers licence and copy
  4. Medical letter from doctor and copy
  5. International Drivers Permit and copy
  6. Someone to translate for you

Now taking these items into the local Department of Transport (Government transport office) is pretty straight forward, having someone to translate for you will obviously be a massive advantage. It took me 1 hour to obtain a motorcycle and car drivers license which is valid for 2 years. The only test I was required to do was a peripheral vision eye test.

There was NO written test, NO driving test. These two tests need to be done if you DO NOT have a IDP, so making sure you have an IDP makes the process a great deal easier.

The cost for the 2 year drivers licence is 380THB, which is cheaper than getting the stat dec from the Australian Embassy (500THB).

Other advantages of having a Thai Drivers Licence is when you get pulled over, and it’s when not if, some police don’t care about an IDP, it will be an excuse to fine you, so having the official Licence will be another thing they cannot fine you over. Also attending tourist places where Thai Locals are charged less than a farang, you can get in at local prices as you have official ID now.

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